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    ID Help? Buildable?

    I'd at least grab the hinges, maybe anything else that looked savable, but it's pretty rough. looks like late thirties early forties something.
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    If you do it, send me the roof! I got a coupester right now but would love a chopped coupe. Along with thinning the doors, the opening/where you sit, is gonna be a lot longer than coupe, the panel above the trunk will be a lot shorter. Plus there's the windsheild. Some people think it doesn't...
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    Ford Spindles New in Box $150.00

    Still got them? Shipping to 77084?
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    29 tudor roof filler doner car ideas

    Am i the only one who loves the fact the old model a's/etc have an open roof? I feel when you weld a newer roof in it takes away from the feel of the old cars..