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  1. Snake Farm

    Nothing to see here

    :D[cl[cl .
  2. Snake Farm

    New Addition ....

    Congrats! .
  3. Snake Farm

    Nothing to see here

    .....that's why I didn't click on it. .
  4. Snake Farm

    My 37 Dodge pu build

    Glad to see you back on this Bruno! :cool: .
  5. Snake Farm

    Gastrick update!

    Thanks Don, this is great news! .
  6. Snake Farm

    "Secret Willys Revival" (My chopped '53)

    Gunner will be six in September Bruno. Man time flies doesn't it! He's excited about mine and his birthdays this year because I'll be sixty and he'll be six. :D
  7. Snake Farm

    "Secret Willys Revival" (My chopped '53)

    Yeah Bob, I have procrastinated a bit these past four or five years LOL. Would love to get back to it sometime. Glad you enjoyed it! I credit Mrs. Snakefarm with the early photos, she was always into taking pictures and got me into it as well. As for keeping the truck....well, I never get rid...
  8. Snake Farm

    Flying Eyeballs

    I think it dates back to early Egyptian times, but the ones we see were made popular by the famous pinstriper, Von Dutch.
  9. Snake Farm

    "Secret Willys Revival" (My chopped '53)

    Thanks Torchie, They were gone for the longest time and I kept meaning to try one of the fixes but I never did. Maybe Photobucket had a change of heart?
  10. Snake Farm

    "Secret Willys Revival" (My chopped '53)

    Haven't checked in for a month or so and hadn't looked at my build thread for a long time since the Photobucket pics disappeared. However they seem to be back??? Or is it just me that can see them?
  11. Snake Farm

    Losing one of our own

    So saddened to hear of WB's passing. I always enjoyed his stories and photos and this forum will not be the same without him. :(
  12. Snake Farm

    These guys are nuts

    Yeah, that's some crazy high dollar stuff! It's pretty easy to sink a 100k in one of those buggys. That guy that finds the line around the eight minute mark (Adam Ringer) lives in my home and is married to my cousin.
  13. Snake Farm

    Chevy ll 283 V-8 Engine Block with Recessed Oil Filter Boss

    Yeah, lots of things specific to the 1st and 2nd gen ChevyII's , like the block being discussed, those front sump oil pans, 7 o'clock bell housings and that compact clutch linkage with the z-bar that looks like a dog's hind leg! I have quite a collection of that crap. ;) That's where most of...
  14. Snake Farm

    Chevy ll 283 V-8 Engine Block with Recessed Oil Filter Boss

    LOL A green 283 ...... be like trying to push dirt with a purple bulldozer. :D .
  15. Snake Farm

    Chevy ll 283 V-8 Engine Block with Recessed Oil Filter Boss

    True, true. Rare = Rare Desirable = Dollars .
  16. Snake Farm

    FINAL POLL --- USPC17 --- final poll

    Got my calendar prize! Thanks guys, it's awesome! .
  17. Snake Farm

    And we turn another page.

    You are in my thoughts man. Wishing you the best. .
  18. Snake Farm

    Happy Birthday Dr C.

    Happy B-Day Doc! .
  19. Snake Farm

    Krazy weather... snowing in Tejas!

    LOL, my son in-law was in Houston for work this week and flew back to West Virginia this afternoon.....he said folks were losing their minds there when he left. :eek: I poured the snow here today but with wet ground there was no accumulation.