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    odd driveshaft combo

    thanks Skull, ill have to get under and look little closer at rear flange, don't see many caddies in the salvage yards here much more , all the older ones already gone to the crusher, older stuff is getting harder and harder to come by here, but ill look into it yes and thanks a million for...
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    odd driveshaft combo

    Thanks Dr Crankenstein , i wasn't sure if a u-joint with that configeration could be had or not ill check into it, thanks a heap!
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    odd driveshaft combo

    Heyee all!!- im building a 52 f1 ford, mounting on explorer full independent suspension frame, here's the odd part im installing a 305 sbc with th400 trans, just wondering if anyone has used that set up and how you may have worked out your yoke problem ??[S--appericate any thoughts , thanks