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    27 chevy p/u

    Glad to see it get to where it is, looks great, now get all that legal crap taken care of and drive the wheels off of it![cl. Mac.
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    Betty Page (53 Bel Air)

    Lookin good, I always liked the early 50's chevy cars, keep up the great work! Mac.
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    My '42 Chevy pickup build

    The things you miss when you haven't been on in a while. Your truck is BEAST! Lovin everything about it, can't wait to see it doin some donuts or something, keep up the awesome work! Mac.
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    '34 Ford PU I've been working on

    This is gonna be rad, keep up the great work! [P
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    My '41 Ford PU build!

    I second this motion [P
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    38 GMC Part 2

    Looking good, almost there! Keep up the good work! Mac.
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    Another fenderless 53

    Great looking build, really enjoying following along! Keep the updates and pics coming! Mac.
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    The 40G

    Great build, it's coming along nicely. Thanks for the details and pics, keep up the great work! Mac.
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    1934 Cadillac

    One of my favorite builds on here, it's looking real good, keep up the great work! Mac.
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    Found One!

    Looks like its mostly there, you keeping the fenders on there? Whatever you do likes like a nice start.
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    The official T bucket truck project

    I just came across this thread, man awesome work, it's turning out real well! I think I'd like to do something like this someday. Keep the posts coming. Mac.
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    My '42 Chevy pickup build

    Awesome, sounds great, almost there keep at it! Mac.
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    Sleepy Girl in a Hot Rod II

    My daughter falls asleep in the Jeep all the time she's 3. I always find it funny how they manage to stay asleep and keep themselves upright lol. Great video, gotta love the kiddos! Mac.
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    New ride

    Man that thing is gorgeous! I would drive that for sure I really like the wheels on it. Mac.
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    Traffic Pix

    Tripper looks to be a Dodge Conquest/Mitsubishi Starion. It was posted awhile ago, but I am reading through this thread for the first time so forgive me. Mac.
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    Could nostalgia be dead??????

    I have wanted to build a Model A traditional style with a Flattie, but after some research on the web I've come to the conclusion that this is no small task or cheap either. So I guess what I am saying is I don't think nostalgia is dead, it's just too expensive, but I will build one some day...
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    Why Did You Choose To Run/Drive/Build A Ford/Chevy/Dodge Etc...........

    I grew up with Fords, my Dad still has a 300 I6 Ford truck that is basically rusted out and falling apart, but always starts and still able to tow stuff. My first car was a Mercury Grand Marquis with a 302 and I did all kinds of stupid in that car and it wouldn't die. I figure a vehicle is...
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    what wheels ?

    I kinda like the aluminum ones, but looks like I'm out numbered lol.
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    193? Chevy Roadster Pick Up

    Your build is great! I love roadster pickups and building it pretty much from scratch is even better! Keep up the great work! I will be looking forward to an update! Mac.
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    My '42 Chevy pickup build

    I agree with snake, looks awesome, the stance the chop everything is spot on! Looking forward to seeing this thing done. Keep up the good work! Mac.