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    Leaf spring drilling

    Hey guys. Simple question. Have any of you changed the location of the center bolt hole in a set of leaf springs? (drilled a new hole further forward) I'm wondering if this would make the leaf more likely to crack. I'm messing around with a project for my son's first ride. Truck is a 71...
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    newbie here

    Crown vic clip is passically a bolt on. Line it up where you want and drill some holes. That's assuming the frame width works with it. I put one on my 49 fargo, and had to ad some channel to the frame at the front so it would be wide enough. I think it's almost bang on the right width for...
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    New Member from Carstairs Alberta Canada

    And thanks for all the greetings, peeps. I may have some new pictures to post in a week or two. I've worked out a deal where I am trading the 58 panel for a 38 fargo drain truck. I want to use the cab and grille to make a open wheeled rod. Can't wait.:)
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    New Member from Carstairs Alberta Canada

    My truck was a flathead 6 so it was completely different Poly v8 /old style 318 should be the same as modern 318. I don't have one. Talk to Tim at Heavy Metal auto wreckers in Trochu. 403-442-2600
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    New Member from Carstairs Alberta Canada

    Hi guys. Im a pro auto tech in Cartsiars. I work by day at a ford store. My son and I put together this rig together over the last year. It's a 49 Fargo. Original frame. Front end is from a crown victoria. Motor is a Big block mopar. Rear end is a 323 8.75 mopar, on a 4 link kit for a...