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  1. Torchie

    News about Torchie

    Hello everyone, this is Karl's oldest daughter posting on behalf of our family. As many of you may know, my father passed away peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday morning. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and thank you to everyone who has followed him on his car projects over the years...
  2. Torchie

    Custom Mopar ????

    Here we go.... Found out last week that I have an inoperable tumor in my neck. Went in to see what the deal was with my left hand and that lead to the MRI. Nothing to be done so here we go. I wish that there was more to be done, but there isn't. I set up a meeting with the local Hospice today...
  3. Torchie

    Elegant decay aka the "Ratty Caddy."

    Thanks for the heads up, soltz. Torchie
  4. Torchie

    Elegant decay aka the "Ratty Caddy."

    Hey gang..... Not in the hospital. Thanks for keeping me in mind. Not much happening here other then trying to get the Caddy sold. Thanks for looking out for me.:cool: Torchie
  5. Torchie

    Enter the Dragon!

    [P [P [P [P Torchie
  6. Torchie

    Elegant decay aka the "Ratty Caddy."

    Here we go... Over 1000 looks. 7 share and 4 saves.:p Now we start playing the price change game.:eek: Torchie
  7. Torchie


    :D [cl [cl :cool: :cool: [P [P [P Torchie
  8. Torchie

    Elegant decay aka the "Ratty Caddy."

    Thanks all. smallfoot. I appreciate your comments. Some times things don't go as we plan them. LOL I just listed it for sale so now we will see what, if any response I get. I will keep working on it. And thinking about a way I can get all 4 of the cars into the shop come winter. If I have...
  9. Torchie

    Elegant decay aka the "Ratty Caddy."

    Don’t get too excited gang. It is not gone yet. I have had a couple of guys sniffing around it, but so far no money. We will see what happens when I list it. I will not give it away. Back on the DS wind lace and door panels tomorrow. Torchie
  10. Torchie

    Elegant decay aka the "Ratty Caddy."

    Thanks all. I said at the beginning of this thread that I might just flip it. Our circumstances have changed. We now are back to having 2 vehicles. Both of which will need to be in the garage by snowfall. Seems foolish to do all this work just to have to tarp it and park-it outside for the...
  11. Torchie

    Elegant decay aka the "Ratty Caddy."

    Haven't been posting much as it's mostly boring stuff.... Sun visors wrapped. All the arm rests are wrapped. Wind lace is done on the PS as are the two doors. The metal headliner strip is back in place above the doors. I will be turning it around tomorrow and going at the DS. Going to be listing...
  12. Torchie

    Another Build ?

    Looking good.[cl :D :cool:[;) [;) Glad to hear about Mrs. S.[cl [cl [P [P Torchie
  13. Torchie

    Mini Muscle Car

    :cool: :cool: :cool: [P [P [P Torchie
  14. Torchie


    :D [cl :cool: :cool: [P[P[P Torchie
  15. Torchie

    Bamamav's 1947 Lincoln Club Coupe build

    [cl :D :cool::cool: Those seats are heavy, Bama. With or with out the cushions.:p Torchie.
  16. Torchie

    Elegant decay aka the "Ratty Caddy."

    I would like to say that the interior work on the Caddy is done...... It is not. I seem to be stuck in neutral. End of summer doldrums, perhaps. I have been doing some small jobs but just can’t work up the enthusiasm for much more right now. Hopefully today will be different. Torchie
  17. Torchie


    Beautiful!!!! Torchie
  18. Torchie

    Elegant decay aka the "Ratty Caddy."

    Thanks gang.😎 Super Fly circa 1950, Smallfoot.😂 I worked on the front seat today. Pics tomorrow.’ That front seat is a heavy one. Working on getting the back rest cushion off. :confused: Torchie
  19. Torchie

    Minter fab go n' show

    [cl :D :cool: :cool [P [P [P Torchie
  20. Torchie

    Elegant decay aka the "Ratty Caddy."

    Part 2.... Mrs. T went out and messed with the headliner for about 5 minutes.:eek::D:cool: I think you can get a better idea of what I am going for. Thanks Mrs. T.[cl [cl Keep on keeping on......