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    New buisness venture

    Go brother go! A good web can be so important, good job.
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    Bonneville 2016

    Thanks for the pics!!!
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    Popular Bolt Patern Question

    Thanks Smallfoot, I had seen that, very useful, I also saw this the other day; subject: Wheel Bolt Pattern List version 93.02.16 first draft: [email protected] (Dave Williams) (circa 1985-ish, from American Racing catalog)...
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    Popular Bolt Patern Question

    What wheel bolt patterns do you think are the most commonly used on rats? I am making some wide five adapters and have enough stock to make a couple more than I need. I have already made some for my project at 5 on 5-1/2", some for a buddies at 5 on 4-1/2" and wanted to put a different bolt...
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    Pavement draggin long box

    Can't wait to see the body on it! Are those rear frame plates something purchased? That is gonna ride nice.
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    washington rat rod show

    I am bringing a couple of people with me and I hope there are lots of cars. Rats, gentleman's rats, unfinished hot rods, and jalopies get a lot of attention, I am always hoping to see more of them at the shows. Bring your rides! I know there are a lot of them around. My car project has stalled...
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    washington rat rod show

    Looking forward to it!!
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    1934 Cadillac

    It took me a couple of evenings to go through this build, what a great looking car. I love the proportions and how the fenders are shaped. Those front fenders are stunning, so streamlined. That car should have been sold with a black fedora and a tommy gun. Any word on where the car is today...
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    Rat rod buildings

    Great job on saving that one lowbudget50, it turned out great.
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    my 29 sedan

    That looks great lowbudget50, you brought that back from the grave.
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    Rat rod buildings

    Lowbudget50, that truck is sweet. It looks like you are just up the valley, any more picks of the sedan?
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    miller tig rig ?

    Wow, free s a good deal. I did a quick search on Google and did not come up with anything on the surface. DC only gets you a long way. It looks like there is pulse control, I have never used that but it might be a great set up for sheet metal when set up as a tig welder. I love my two Miller...
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    Garage art? Have you built anything?

    I built this for a friend of mine a while back. It is made from old Packard transmission parts and a couple of welded up parts. The top is one of the turbines out of the torque converter and I bought a cool bulb and a cord switch from Home Depot.
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    Cutting oil alternatives?

    I have been using Boelube for years as an alternative to oils. I still use oil for some things like tapping some metals and hole sawing thicker metals. I love this stuff, it keeps all of my projects, benches and floor from getting covered in oil. If you don't use anything because of the mess...
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    Welcome from the dry side, Eastern Wa.
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    Eastern Washington New to Site

    Ha, Spudnuts, had one Saturday. It has become a thing with my daughter to go get a spuddy then watch me get a hair cut next door, pretty sure it has zero to do with the haircut. Cool Desert Nights needs more rust and creativity! There are some amazing cars that show up there from billet queens...
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    Valve Covers

    Love em! I love a car that has new discoveries every time you look at it. It's like a story.
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    Eastern Washington New to Site

    West Richland
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    Eastern Washington New to Site

    it was a decision based on funding. It will take a while to bring it back.
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    Eastern Washington New to Site

    Just realized I should have started a build thread, newbie Sorry, should have posted these in a build thread, can a moderator pull that off? Thanks for all of the welcomes from across the country and border.