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  1. BigIrish

    Beetle Rat Rod Help

    Try Pretty much totally dedicated to what you are looking for
  2. BigIrish

    Poor road conditions

    Dang that blows! I guess the car is totalled, but I assume it still runs? We don't get snow 'round here but I we sure have our share of pickup-driving idiots. The thing I run into nearly every day is some a-hole in a pickup tailgating me at 80mph. He's got flowmasters and a V-8, so...
  3. BigIrish

    Ran When Parked .... $650

    Shoot that ashtray handle is worth at least $1000 alone! All it needs is $300 worth of buffing, filling and replating and good as new! Once you have the ashtray handle, the rest is easy. I was thinking maybe the dash for a rat rod and the quarters to make some kind of shop couch out of...
  4. BigIrish

    The end of patching rusted out bodys?

    Yep. But isn't that what most body shops do now anyway? Steel on modern cars is so thin, it's hard to do much with it. I agree those parts will be more expensive b/c you'll have to get them from Ford. No aftermarket generic versions for a long time most likely. I'm also willing to bet...
  5. BigIrish

    Roswell junkyard goldmine closing.Last chance at these gems

    Agreed. I'm sure all the decent early Fords were scooped up long ago. Not much people can do with a twisted-up 48 chevy 4-door.
  6. BigIrish

    VW photo thread!!!

    My recent acquisition - 1956 ragtop. Haven't had a bug since high school (early 90s) and I'm having alot of fun with it. Now I want a fast one, a VW Thing and a Baja!
  7. BigIrish

    New Year's Resolutions.

    - Bite the bullet and get my current project over to the body shop (picture) - Get in better shape - Spend less money on cars and going out. Generally be more boring!
  8. BigIrish

    step bar side pipes????

    I like the tucked side pipes with a heat shield idea. Make it obvious that they are exhaust pipes. Most motorcycles have exposed pipes, but everyone understands those could be hot. I don't think any parent with a functioning brain would let thier kid touch a bike exhaust. The problem with...
  9. BigIrish

    Duck Dynasty

    Thank you. Jeez.
  10. BigIrish

    Free a Stuck Engine

    I've read people have had a lot of success with a 50/50 mix of acetone and trans fluid. Straight trans fluid is too thick to penetrate.
  11. BigIrish

    Blower housing

    Yeah you would have to fabricate a narrow tunnel inside the case for the air/fuel mix to pass through. Otherwise you'd have no throttle response, due to too much volume inside the case. It could be done though. Do you happen to have an empty case? Otherwise might be easier to do as UC says...
  12. BigIrish

    Took my engine to the machine shop.

    So with all the talk recently about bad cams, watching Gas Monkey wipe 2 cams in 2 different new motors, it makes you wonder how common this is. Seems like thats a huge problem now. Was it always like this "back in the day"? If I was an engine builder I'd be afraid to build a flat tappet motor!
  13. BigIrish

    One for the hall of shame

    At least he used a bunch of hot rod terms like "kustom", "chopped", "sectioned", "shaved", etc. I can't believe he shaved the door locks. That thing is going to get stolen in no time!
  14. BigIrish

    ....ramblings and paint....

    I would stay away from the bedliner (I know you are talking about paint). Once that stuff goes on, nothing will get it off but a sandblaster. I saw a nice Model A a guy was trying to sell a few years ago. It was generally really cool and alot of money spent on nice vintage parts, but he...
  15. BigIrish


    The simple fact is, if the government would allow the free market to work the way it should, there would be zero ethanol in our gas. I'm in the oil biz (or "awl" as they say down here) and know a fair amount about the stuff and difficulties of trying to blend it, transport it, store it, burn...
  16. BigIrish

    More crushing

    Yeah you'd have to hire a guy just to manage all the ads and see all the idiots. I think you'd still make alot more money than crushing but alot more work too. Every time I put up a CL ad I brace myself. Put on the helmet and dig in, b/c they're coming!!
  17. BigIrish

    8.8 ford rearend

    If it's an 8.8 then it most likely came from an Explorer. Rangers used the 7.5 which looks real similar. Maybe some of the late models with the 4.0 used the 8.8 but not sure
  18. BigIrish

    Why is it.....

    People use the frame & suspension, not the motors/transmissions/rear axle. Cheap parts, disk brakes, easy to lower with cut coils or drop spindles, ball joints, V8s fit easily, they are narrow and fit under old cars well, the frames are symmetrical and relatively simple shape (unlike Ford...
  19. BigIrish

    My 24 year old "New" project

    Yeah should be a cool project. I'm getting back into VWs after 20 years and enjoying it so far. That thing will be plenty fast with a 1915. An all-steel VW bug is 1700lbs. I bet that thing is about 1200lbs. :D:eek: I'd really like to build a 356 coupe replica someday. Only 1 or 2 companies...
  20. BigIrish

    Smaller engine rat rods??

    I have to say, sometimes a small engine you can thrash without going crazy fast is fun. If you have 400hp, you can put your foot in it for like 3 seconds before you are going to have to let off. Now, if you have say 100hp, you can keep you foot in it and enjoy the racket for longer. It...