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    1937 Ford Pickup

    I velcroed an led light to my helmet, it helped a lot. It gets in the way sometimes under a car mig welding so I got one of those head band deals I'm going to try. They are like $7 at Rural King and I really like them for a work light so figured I give it a shot. If it works ill spend the $30 to...
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    Old school rod, gasser, rat rod fan!

    Sounds like a great build. I need to put my 57 chev gasser project on here and see if I remember how to resize pics.
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    Second Wind - a Packard Gasser

    Ok, I just ran onto this sweet build and it looks killer but what happened to just painting the frame and leaving the patina on the body? Just messing with you, I know all about that. I was leaving my 57 4 dr body like it came and now I'm going 2 dr and fixing some rust. I have a hard time...
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    Baffled. Not baffled.

    On my 434 sb I had I ran the Speedway open breathers with the chrome tubes that just push down into your valve cover grommets. The breather slips over the tube and fastens with a hose clamps like a dirt track deal. Never had a problem and it stayed at 3000 rpm or better on the road. $25 a pair...
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    Can't believe I Switched

    Well, I bought a 57 belair 4 dr and wanted this one to be a pretty fast street and strip car so I got to figuring up a BBC and a SBC and it scared me, don't get me wrong, I've drag raced, built street cars and knew stuff ain't cheap but the way crap has gone up in the last couple yrs is crazy...
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    R.s.c. Build off car!!

    I stumbled on this build and I've sat here and read it all. Very nice job of making it look like a 60's drag car and some real nice fab work.
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    1937 Packard 115 coupe

    You had 2 dirty words there, block sanding! Look at my 33 plymouth build and you can tell how much of that I done. I used to be real picky until my back, shoulders and hands went to crap, now I just don't care. You are doing a great job, it's going to make a nice hot rod.
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    1937 Ford Pickup

    Looking good, yea we got the snow, freezing rain and sleet. It sucks.
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    38 Plymouth coupe

    Happy wife, happy life comes into play there, not counting being cut off!
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    33 Plymouth Sedan

    Forgot about the door latches. I had Speedway's universal latches that bolt to the outside of the door. I hated them looks wise plus getting the outside handle hooked to them would be hard. I got some mini bear latches and cut the door and installed the one on the drivers side. I then made a...
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    33 Plymouth Sedan

    Some what of a update, I started on the window channels Saturday. I took 3/4 box, 1/16 thick and cut 1 side off to make the channels, the upper is curved so I could bend it. Clamped it on the upper part of the door and spotted all the cuts with my mig. Also for seals, window run, I use 80's ford...
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    28 Fast Four build

    Dozer, your seats look really good but I think you need more practiice. Load your sewing machine up and come practice on my project!
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    Iron Trap Garage

    I need a TV show. How to build stuff, cut it back off and then do it all over again.
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    Master Cylinder

    My first, the rebuilt junk one, was 1 in bore, I think the one I got on it now is 15/16. It's one of those things where you say, "I'll remember this" and then 2 wks later you haven't got a clue.The pedal feels pretty good, so I'll give it a shot. Thanks
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    Caddillac Breather

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    Master Cylinder

    I got my system done but would like some info. My plymouth has the Speedway front GM rotors and the calipers are like the 76 malibu takes. The rear is an explorer with the factory disc brakes on it. What would you all think is the ideal MC to use on it? Now I have a dual reservior GM with the...
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    Caddillac Breather

    Hey guys, anyone ever use the repro Cad bat wing breathers? They are all over Ebay. Also, what size element do they have in them? Engine will have 625 HP or so, just wondering how they would work, I have a shiney chrome open one with a 4 in filter but it looks out of place on a old car with no hood.
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    Iron Trap Garage

    Found it on U Tube, this guy has more parts and old cars than anyone I ever seen. He's 40 and into 60's builds and does some really nice work. Wish I had half his stuff and he had more, I'd settle for his 33 ford.
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    28 Fast Four build

    Doing a great job, our cold front ended up going to Canada, it was suppose to start Sunday. They can have it, come on spring!
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    33 Plymouth Sedan

    The little thing in the back window that sticks out like a sore thumb is a 3rd brake light, it's going to disappear and I'll mount a black one I got above the back glass on the body. Need all the help you can get with idiots on cell phones. Now since I've wrote a novel I'll have to decide if...