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    more parts....

    build i like threads like this. take a bunch of parts and build something unique out of it. i think any of your ideas would work fine. i imagine of you like t bucket types or roadster types that would be the attraction. just my thought, a 26-7 ford turtle deck would look good too. the desire is...
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    HO Slot Cars Little race cars!

    video i can't believe you guys haven't done a video of them running around the track!
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    New toy

    lathe i'm sure you know, you just created a monster. you will find more projects now and wonder how you did without it. i had a 12 in x 48 in long south bend that was a 1929 one for about 20 years and wore it out. it was a 220v one. i bought a south bend 14 recently that is 3 phase. i have...
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    Wheels Up Wednesday... let's see 'um!!!

    ? what is that car? it looks like it's got 2 engines.
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    Another Build ?

    vw altered i built something like this a while back. mine will be a drag car.
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    Another Build ?

    v8 vw i don't know if i can do this but check out volksrod forum. they have a few v8 bugs on there.
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    fresh thinking photos

    vw custom wow!! that's really cool. i am building a mini '40 ford roadster pickup myself.
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    Sold the trolley back in the 1970's

    now that's a hoot!!
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    Here's for you guys with a spare $135K layin' around!

    wtf what the hell makes that thing worth that kind of money? the names? i'd be embarrassed to let people know i paid that much for it.
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    New Project...seeking info.

    ford those sell for big bucks around me.
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    olds 98

    there is a mid 50's in a junkyard near me if anybody is looking for one. it has a great body and the complete drive train. he is very reasonable too.
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    gene and ian hey don't feel to bad. i live about 40 miles from them and have never met them. i shouldn't say that. i have met gene a few times in the past. once at walmart and once at a drag race but i was in my car and couldn't really talk to him.
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    Deal or no deal?

    wheels i would just put a better axle and rear in it and run modern rims and tires.
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    Endless BS thread

    v6 luv i had one with a buick v6. it handled well and went like stink. a v6 is not a v8 though.
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    Hi Kids!

    ride height just how do you get a ride height when nothing is attached yet?
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    Bug to Butterfly

    rear hood something to think about.
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    A Hupmobile ???

    firewall hey bob, how about just putting rivets in the holes?
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    rambler build

    i have been wanting to get one of those for awhile. i would make a scrambler out of it.
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    Rat Rod of the Day!

    mmmm the fenders are to wide and the grille too.
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    Guess I got the bug....

    grille why don't you just take all those snow plow bars off, extend the upper grille down, then use the lower ones to make the lower part look like the top. something like a '32 ford grille shell. it couldn't look any worse. this front looks fine on the original truck because there are other...