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    My '64 Rambler wagon build!

    Tripper, if you need some heat for your garage check out the Diesel parking heaters. A 8 KW is equal to 27,000 BTU. cheap and vented to the outside. Since the patent has run out they got very cheap. And safe used by truckers and RVs
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    Should I care since I don't drive them?

    Who will be driving it? much easier to fix it now than later.
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    I heard the word PAINT , does that mean its gonna be shiny?
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    What do ya think?

    When I get some free time I will work on my posting pictures problem. problem I'm having is that I can't view what I posted until its too late.
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    What do ya think?

    The photo was a test. I read and watch everyday to see what all of you are building but haven't posted for years. I have some projects that I would like to share with the group but I'm having trouble posting pictures.
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    What do ya think?

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    What do ya think?

    trying a link
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    What do ya think?

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    Kool Car Photos!

    Buy some China plastic headlights and cut the back out to what you need.
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    Bend Exhaust

    Fill the tube with VERY dry sand, cap the ends and use a cutting torch to heat the tube dull red hot . it will bend without collapsing.
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    I'm sorta stumped.....

    If you pull the valve covers you can start at number 1 tdc and follow the cam sequence.
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    just some fun pix

    The difference in degrees is due to the weight transfer to the low side springs. Look at the axle compared to the body.
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    Anyone know what this is?!?

    GM roof panel?
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    "Salvage 1"

    what type of steering column will you be using that allows articulation of the front axle?
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    6 bolt to 5

    [/IMG] This an example of the jig to change the stud pattern....ruggs
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    stainless frame and bed??

    Colorodders, While you won't be the first with a Stainless frame, you will be among the few. I say go for it but, as Klink said, the bed would be out of place. Here are a few shots of my SS C-cab frame.....Ruggs[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
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    Need help with a water table for CNC plasma

    What type of metal did you use for the pan? Helps to know if rust will creep under your sealing material........ruggs
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    Macs antique auto parts

    Here is one of my current builds that has hundreds in Mac's parts. Great people.....ruggs[/IMG]
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    Macs antique auto parts

    Where have all the good ones gone? Does your wife have a sister?
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    Need help with a water table for CNC plasma

    AS SEEN ON TV.....Flex Seal...You get not one but 2 for only $19.95 with added shipping and handling...........Sorry, had to do it...........ruggs