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  1. Gastrick

    How's your weather????

    I live in south fla. if it gets down to 60 here everyone complains it’s freezing. It’s freezing here ha ha
  2. Gastrick

    endicott jb big 1000!

    Yay congrats! I don’t post much but working on it :D
  3. Gastrick

    Just wanted to say hello

    Hang in there bud. Went through a rough couple of years myself if you search around here. The folks here care and will always help. Things will get better
  4. Gastrick

    Happy Birthday sgtpontiac!!!!!

    Happy belated birthday sarge!
  5. Gastrick

    Oh Ya

    Have you ever smelled that little tube of posi lube you have to add into your differential if you have a Detroit locker or similar? It’s terrible ha
  6. Gastrick

    Songs that don't suck

    Have you seen this one Bob with Jeff Beck, Beth Hart, and Tal Wilkenfield covering an old Beck track?
  7. Gastrick

    Songs that don't suck

  8. Gastrick

    Ford releases info and dodge answers back

    sorry 05, thanks for the correction
  9. Gastrick

    Older Than Dirt Quiz...

    My kids say I’m so old I fart dust. I reckon that quiz just proved it. We had black jack gum in my area but mostly chewed Beemans gum around my house.
  10. Gastrick

    1959 Impala vs 2009 Malibu

    I agree with all you fellas, it’s the rear suspension unloading. I have a picture from the rear but my photo bucket isn’t working, But that’s the picture he was talking about that I posted. FBP thanks for posting the pro street 60. That’s the one I was talking about
  11. Gastrick

    Ford unleashes baddest Mustang ever!

    Tripper has a photo of my stealth mustang. If he sees this he can post it. If not I can text you other guys the photos if you send me a PM with your number...without the catfish front
  12. Gastrick

    Ford unleashes baddest Mustang ever!

    I know someone who has a plain Jane mustang equally equipped ha ha. It’s in my garage. Nowhere near the value of that Shelby and I would love to have one but at least I have the performance. Roush supercharged, huge Brembo brakes blah blah blah,Boring stuff
  13. Gastrick

    Ford releases info and dodge answers back

    You realize even the demon was very limited production and came with two fuel tanks you had to switch over to race gas for ultra high-performance. They are also bringing over 100 grand on the aftermarket and nobody actually uses them. Don’t get me wrong i like em and I can’t wait to see this...
  14. Gastrick

    1959 Impala vs 2009 Malibu

    I met Lamar Walden With his worlds fastest 409 at an old super Chevy show because the magazines were photographing One of my cars at the same time. Can’t post it here but the slickest X-frame Chevy I’ve ever seen in person was troy trepineas seafoam 1960 Pro street. The detail was incredible
  15. Gastrick

    1959 Impala vs 2009 Malibu

    I’m handicapped but getting better and living on my own in my own house By myself which was not expected.I’ve got a killer project in the works and my old coupe It’s still alive and kicking. And yes, I still have pictures of every possible thing ha ha. That’s a 1960. I had a 62 impala so I know...
  16. Gastrick

    More projects I dont have time for!

    Very nice LB50
  17. Gastrick

    Metal work, not quite a hotrod

    Awesome BH
  18. Gastrick

    Getting ready for Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone
  19. Gastrick

    Vintage Gas Stations

    Super cool Ol Blue