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    Little setback here.

    Get well soon there Don
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    t bucket interior

    The middle seat from a Dodge Mini Van works pretty well.
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    Caddy engine

    The Caddy has the BPO bolt pattern. I have the 200 4 r behind my 500 Caddy. Lower first gear and has OD. These can be beefed up they were in the Buick GN
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    Tubular axle

    We build custom tube axles.
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    APB for Don of Dons Rods

    I think a lot of the traffic is going to Facebook, so many different groups on there.
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    Swept Frame Kits

    I still have that pattern for that front end, from way back when we made them, for WTS
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    DOM tubing vs SCH 40

    Why does DOM come in random lengths instead of standard lengths like other materials?
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    Plasma cutter

    We have 3 Hypertherms in the shop. Consumables and support are important things to look at. You cannot have any moisture in the air lines.
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    Swept Frame Kits

    I make and sell a lot of parts to West Texas Speed, good people.
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    How much did you pay for fuel today ??$$??$$

    $1.58 for regular
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    Oh no!!

    I used to watch it quite a bit, but lost intrest in it, a couple of years ago. Does anyone watch Shark Tank? It is pretty interesting, and always different.
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    Plasma cutter question

    I have a 600 and we just out grew it as far productivity was concerned. It will only cut 3/8 at 15" per minute. Then it would overheat in about 25 minutes of continued use. We bought the new Hypertherm 85 and it is a real work horse for us. It cuts the 3/8 at 75" per minute and runs nonstop...
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    Could the magic number be 69 ?
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    25 degrees this morning, too dang cold for my liking.
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    T bucket-metal over fiberglas

    I sell bucket bodies for just $399, and shipping is usually less than $150.00. Yea they are glass. You paint it to look like rust.
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    Need some ebay help, bad seller

    The seller will have their warranty posted and there return policy. It is still within that time frame. I sell a lot on eBay, and don't have much problem at all.
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    I wouldn't hate country so much....

    AC/DC for me please, along with the rock from the 60s and 70s. Now I do really like Patsy Cline!!
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    Cheap grinding disc warning

    I am not exactly sure what you are using, but I have been buying these for a long time, and they work great. I buy them 100 at a time.
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    Funny speed shop story.

    Customer servie is what it is all about. Especially service after the sale.
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    Another hair pin question

    Probably be OK, we build all of our front radius rods 27" but we custom build a lot of other lengths also. The shortest one so far were 15" long, for a customer, and we have done quite a few at 24".