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  1. JBailey

    Miscellaneous parts

    Yes, all the front suspension parts are sold! Sorry it took me so long to reply.
  2. JBailey

    1939 Plymouth Coupe Engine Hesitation

    What kind of oil did you use when you changed it?
  3. JBailey

    junk yard cooling fan?? best donor car

    You're planning on using a Model A grill aren't you? If so I'd just use one or the other. If you were using a grill shell with grill, like say a '35 Chevy truck or something similar, I'd say put an electric pusher fan in front of the radiator and run a mechanical fan on the engine. '94-97...
  4. JBailey

    Miscellaneous parts

    The suicide suspension parts are sold pending payment. How about $125 shipped for everything else? Just want it out of my garage before it gets damaged.
  5. JBailey

    What are these doors?

    Look like about a 1941 Plymouth coupe to me plymouth__deluxe_coupe___rare_in_top_condition_1941_2_lgw by ratrodfanbobcat, on Flickr
  6. JBailey

    54 Studebaker build. Where do I go from here? Seriously.

    Heck yeah, buy the '51 if nothing else but for the clean title and vin then peddle the rest of the truck on down the road, or if it fits your vision use the front clip and anything else off the 51 and sell what's left. Nobody here will tell you you're right or wrong on the looks of your truck...
  7. JBailey

    Old chain dive truck

    Heck, if I was you I'd snag it just for some sweet yard ornament lol. I'm sure that grill is worth a few bucks if its still intact.
  8. JBailey

    54 Studebaker build. Where do I go from here? Seriously.

    Basically scrub line is, if you have a flat tire you want the rim to be the only thing that smacks the pavement and not any part of frame, suspension or body.
  9. JBailey

    rear swap and lowering issues

    Wouldn't a lowering block actually be a lift block now that the springs are above the axle? I agree, carefully remove the spring pads and move them to the bottom of the axle to put the axle above the springs again.
  10. JBailey

    54 Studebaker build. Where do I go from here? Seriously.

    I think its a good starting point but, as others have mentioned you need to unchannel the body by about 4-8 inches. As it sits it looks like there could be scrub line issues. On the grill, just find something you like the looks of and maybe fan your own to your dimensions to keep proportions in...
  11. JBailey

    Old chain dive truck

    Looks like about a 1928 1928Sterling by ratrodfanbobcat, on Flickr
  12. JBailey

    Truck is totaled

    Yes! And whatever you do, DO NOT accept any offers their insurance makes. As soon as you accept an offer, that will be all she wrote and you'll never get another penny out of them.
  13. JBailey

    OK, I promised pictures

    I would love those three '41's and that sounds like a pretty dang good deal on em too. Looks like you found a very cool place and a pretty good guy to deal with.
  14. JBailey

    Check this out

    Wow, last time I looked at it it was still at $1,000. Great thing you did for your friend, making them $5,000 more then they would've gotten!
  15. JBailey


    This build just has cool written all over it. Yet another outstanding build from you Bob!
  16. JBailey

    I'm gonna build an altered.

    Well Don, with the quality of work you and your boys do I'm sure this is gonna be another great build. Definitely tuned in!
  17. JBailey

    Miscellaneous parts

    Could only post ten pics, so here's another of the marker/taillights above. IMG_20141008_200525 by ratrodfanbobcat, on Flickr And some I couldn't have in the first ad, pair of guide marker/turn signal lights along with 2 Buick portholes and a Chevy radio delete plate. $30 IMG_20141008_200540...
  18. JBailey

    Miscellaneous parts

    I have quite a few parts to get rid of. All prices include shipping and are best offer. I am located in Lorimor Iowa. First up is radius rods and other bits for suicide spring behind setup. Everything is new and from Ron Pope Motorsports, except the spring which is from speedway. The spring is...
  19. JBailey

    engine starts but wont run

    Spray wd-40 around the carb base and intake gaskets as well as all the vacuum ports to see if that makes a difference. That carb looks mighty dirty for just being rebuilt, to me anyhow.
  20. JBailey

    engine swap ford to ford still not easy...

    Years ago, I traded for a '97 extended cab short box 4x4 with a 4.6 auto that had 275,000 miles on it. The truck had been through hell, the kid I got it from was 16 when he got it and drove it for 3 years. He tipped it on its side and all sorts of good stuff like that. Anyhow, the oil pump had...