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  1. FlatBroke

    Not quite a muscle car....

    Love them OLE' PETE's.... If memory serves me correctly, Peterbuilt was started by Peter Kenworth. I could very well be wrong but honestly I have no idea. BADA$$ Rig either way.
  2. FlatBroke

    2000 GMC help.

    Thanks Torchmann
  3. FlatBroke

    2000 GMC help.

    Thanks for the replies guys. 26T, glad to be back.
  4. FlatBroke

    Rat Rod of the Day!

  5. FlatBroke

    2000 GMC help.

    I bought my 2000 GMC 2500 4X4 over a year ago and love it. When I bought it, it was stuck in "Trip" odo mode and won't change so I can see how many actual miles are on the truck. Is there any way I can fix this without replacing the entire dash cluster. I did have someone run a carfax on it...
  6. FlatBroke

    Losing the 3 piece rims on a '53 Binder

    You can have abapters made so you can go to a different lug pattern and a more easily found wheel and tire combo.
  7. FlatBroke

    The Flatster stops in

    Thanks guys...
  8. FlatBroke

    The Flatster stops in

    Jus wanted to let the old guys know that im still kicking. Really wanted to say hello.... Im trying to get some more free time and will be here more often.
  9. FlatBroke

    What up from bama

    Welcome from Montgomery.
  10. FlatBroke

    29 Chevy Western Rat rod build

    Looks good to me.
  11. FlatBroke

    Can any one identify this

    I'm with you Hankus
  12. FlatBroke

    hotrod power tour

    The Hot Rod Power Tour rolled through Montgomery, Alabama yesterday. Talked to a few guys about there cars and they were super nice...
  13. FlatBroke

    Alabama people

    Currently live in Montgomery....Looking to move to Baldwin county (or surrounding areas) very soon...
  14. FlatBroke


    Cute Pooch.
  15. FlatBroke

    Thinking of buying a truck

    OK, Thanks.
  16. FlatBroke

    Thinking of buying a truck

    I was thinking the same thing.
  17. FlatBroke

    Rebel Wire

    Thanks Tugmaster. Always good to know....I hope to be callin you real soon.
  18. FlatBroke

    Thinking of buying a truck

    Need advice on the price on this truck. no, not a Rat, just big and bad. 1999 Dodge 1 ton dually Cummings turbo diesel 4in. pipe from turbo to the stacks 6in suspension lift (High country) 22.5 aluminum wheels on all 6 (don't remember what brand) 22.5 Double coin tires Sirus satelite radio 1200...
  19. FlatBroke

    I want to build my own body

    Thanks for the input guys. Yeah Tim, I still got it. I call that truck "Dark Sarcasm" still got a few things to straighten out before I can put it on the road, but it isn't far.
  20. FlatBroke

    I want to build my own body

    I would love to build something like a 27 Tall "T". Can someone link some of the old posts to this thread to give me some ideas? My goal is so I can have a Unique ride that I will be able to wear my Stetson while driving. Thanks Guys.