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  1. Plymouth rat

    old moonshine running movie

    thats it , last american hero, now have to find a link to watch it online..thx
  2. Plymouth rat

    old moonshine running movie

    Hello, im trying to find a movie i watched years ago but forget the name, its about running moonshine and the guy also did demo derbys, he had a old car that had a rail road tie come out of the grill,i think the car was an old nomad ???, thats really all i remember, i was a kid when i saw it, i...
  3. Plymouth rat

    Ck out the RRR Facebook page!

    Cool bus picture..I like..
  4. Plymouth rat

    You want HOW MUCH for it ???

    his questions and answers are pretty good reading material on some of his listings,
  5. Plymouth rat

    Sons Of Anarchy ....

    Thats great art work, if you have more time, could you come over and paint it on my garage wall, .., i also have a 2002 road king, i get together with some friends and go for a ride, can't beat times of the summer
  6. Plymouth rat

    29 Durant

    wow, i was going to go look at that, thats a great deal, good for you, ...
  7. Plymouth rat

    Fall festival of leaves!

    Great pics, thx for sharing them...
  8. Plymouth rat

    31 sedan to a 31 coupe

    thanks for the help, would love to go get one of those coupe bodies or the sides, but there too far away, ive been workin on mine, i cut the back off, patchin it up now, going to fill in the back somehow, making a smaller binimi top for it, get the carb back this week so i can take it outside...
  9. Plymouth rat

    Midwest car show Morris ILL

    Great pics, thanks for postin them
  10. Plymouth rat

    31 ford sedan to roadster

    thanks Busch, thats what im doing, just wingin it, my neighbor said i could make the back ( TRUNK LID ) out of some pine boards, i can vision that, may be an option, and im am putting in a back seat for sure, just a small one, and probably a removeable soft top from just behind the front seats...
  11. Plymouth rat

    31 ford sedan to roadster

    ok, cut the back off this morning, now have to cap it off, wont be using an english wheel, just the wheels that are turning in my head..have a few options, close in the back, or leave it open, i can add a back seat and just close it in the the back of the rear seat, im glad its a rat rod, just...
  12. Plymouth rat

    31 ford sedan to roadster

    decided to chop the back off to make a roadster,made some plywood patterns to follow, going to cut it off tomorrow
  13. Plymouth rat

    Packard Chop top

    Very Very Cool...
  14. Plymouth rat

    Pics of Junk art bikes & bikers

    thats neat..
  15. Plymouth rat

    I HATE to move!

    i would move to have the dream garage i always wanted, now im jealous, i want a bigger garage..good luck on the move...
  16. Plymouth rat

    mercury 1958 montery

    put on a trailer hitch and pull that camper around with it,paint some blue on the camper too...
  17. Plymouth rat

    Anyone Coming From Cali To The Hunnert Car Pileup With An Empty Trailer?

    do u still have the ford coupe body for sale...
  18. Plymouth rat

    31 sedan to a 31 coupe

    thanks pistolpete, i love the coupes, that one is nice but a little pricey, i just asked a guy from this forum if he still has his forsale, Arrowood rod and kustoms, its a 31, chopped , looks good, we'll see what happens with that..thx
  19. Plymouth rat

    31 sedan to a 31 coupe

    thanks Blue Eyed Devil, thats what i thought, now to find a coupe body...
  20. Plymouth rat

    31 sedan to a 31 coupe

    i have a 31 ford sedan and im wondering if a 31 coupe body will fit on my frame as the sedan does or is the sedan body longer, just thinkin i would rather have a coupe, there are no coupes around here for me to measure it up so i figure i'll ask you guys...thx..