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  1. White Trash Renegade

    1963 belair "family tradition"

    Looks Killer man!
  2. White Trash Renegade

    1951 Mercury 4 door

    Man I wish i could find something that cool!
  3. White Trash Renegade

    '39 Chevy truck project

    All I have to say is WOW!! Killer build man!
  4. White Trash Renegade

    Sinners coupe build

    Looks awesome man!
  5. White Trash Renegade

    latest bonehead metal project

    I just went thru this entire thread today and I am amazed at the caliber of artwork you put out! I only wish I could squeeze enough money out of my wife to get one of your shift knobs! LOL!I have been trying to start in the metal art stuff as wellbut havent been having much luck, plus I only...
  6. White Trash Renegade

    1934 Cadillac

    Wicked cool!
  7. White Trash Renegade

    1934 Cadillac

    Man oh man! I just can't believe this thing! I am in total awe every time I open this thread! you make me want to go find some pile of junk in a riverbed and start welding! Lol! Honestly, I don't have the skills to ever attempt something this awesome! Amazing work Sir!
  8. White Trash Renegade

    1936 chevy low cab build 1.5T

    Awesome man!
  9. White Trash Renegade

    Garage art? Have you built anything?

    I built some things I'd like to share with you. Wall hanging. Table made from a Mazda truck steering column and flywheel. Bench made from the back of an S-10 truck bed. a few things I made for my dad and father-in-law. Now, I've shown mine, you show yours!
  10. White Trash Renegade

    Mini T bucket from golf cart

    So, so cool!
  11. White Trash Renegade

    73 datsun 610 turbo LS1 build

    I know you probably thought of this but please tell me you are gonna put some fish plates on those frame rails. I would hate to see those frame rails fold up with 600hp going to that rear end.
  12. White Trash Renegade

    "Secret Willys Revival" (My chopped '53)

    Man I really like this thing! I really need to get to work on my Rambler!
  13. White Trash Renegade

    1961 Rambler

    Well I was gonna get some pics of it but the camera was not cooperating with me as I was trying to use it. I'll find a different camera this week and try to get some pics. The only thing that sucks is the fact that it's supposed to be ass biting cold for the rest of the week.
  14. White Trash Renegade

    1961 Rambler

    Well guys I'm going this morning to pick up the car! I'll snap some pics of it and get them posted up this afternoon!
  15. White Trash Renegade

    The official T bucket truck project

    looks good man!
  16. White Trash Renegade

    96 GMC rat build

    There is a place that will make custom side glass (tempered or laminated what ever.) I'll find out from my buddy.
  17. White Trash Renegade

    1961 Rambler

    This is my second Rambler, the first was a 1965 Classic 660 Cross Country wagon. I loved that thing and should have never gotten rid of it.
  18. White Trash Renegade

    1961 Rambler

    Yeah I can't wait to try out those seats at the drive-in here in town!
  19. White Trash Renegade

    1961 Rambler

    I'm thinking about a candy on the rims and some spider caps with the white walls.