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  1. Hotroddaddy

    Daytona Roll Call

    Ill be there guys! and i look forward to hanging out as usual, Its always a highlight to my year.
  2. Hotroddaddy

    Hey Tampa area rodders.............

    I guess there is no good ones don.:eek:
  3. Hotroddaddy

    Greater forums fun day out.

    Will do! Dont feel bad we`ve got the rain too, hell its raining right now. I think i might shoot for dec/jan turky will be over and not much is going on.
  4. Hotroddaddy

    Greater forums fun day out.

    CANCELED!! Ive decided to cancel for lack of interest. It seems i was the only one going, so ill try for a later date. Ill keep ya posted.
  5. Hotroddaddy

    2 week notice Here`s the original thread.
  6. Hotroddaddy

    2 week notice

    No, its just a small get together i made up.its only advertised on the forums.
  7. Hotroddaddy

    2 week notice

    2 weeks till the greater forums day out, hope to see ya there. Aug 16th, 12 noon. Don garlits museum.
  8. Hotroddaddy

    custom front end???

    I believe they use a 49-51 merc insert. The shoe box ford has a smaller cavity then the merc, so lots of work to get it right.
  9. Hotroddaddy

    What´s billet exactly?

    Most will use it if its cast aluminum, but like don said , the word has been distorted. Most parts on any car started as a chunk of billet, even steel!!
  10. Hotroddaddy

    The Florida "Poor Boys" Thank You for Billetproof success!

    Glad to get to meet you glenn!! you guys get the thanks, we just showed up! Its your work that made the show! Let us know about the get together, ill be there.
  11. Hotroddaddy

    Greater forums fun day out.

    Thanks buddy!!I appreciate the encouragement!!
  12. Hotroddaddy

    Greater forums fun day out.

    Looks like its just us don, no more takers.
  13. Hotroddaddy

    Greater forums fun day out.

    Since ive read so many threads about how everyone at the florida billetproof show loved the museum, but wished they would have had more time to see it, i decided to have a meet and greet day at the museum. This would be a fun way to meet members from all the forums, plus a fun outing for cc`s...
  14. Hotroddaddy

    Billetproof is 10 days away!!!

    Yeah i wanted to meet you guys too, but most of you were pretty busy, so i left you alone. I was happy to get to meet glenn (ahotrod). He seems like a super guy!! And give him thanks for me, for inviting me to hang with you guys.
  15. Hotroddaddy

    Billitproof Florida 2008

    It was definatly a huge success!! I had a great time!! Had fun with old friends and some new!! cant wait till next year.
  16. Hotroddaddy

    Billetproof is 10 days away!!!

    The show was great!! the poorboys did a fine job!! and i finally got to meet donsrods, and meet up with gastrick too! it was a good time!
  17. Hotroddaddy

    Billetproof is 10 days away!!!

    I still have your number don, ill call when i get there ,if i cant find your car. Im driving down with jay ( joliet jake) so we should get there bright and early!
  18. Hotroddaddy

    Soap Box Derby Fatality....

    Im sorry for the tragedy that has happened to your club maddog, but it was bound to happen! please do not let this discourage you guys, everything of this nature has the ultimate sacrifice to pay eventually! Let it make you safer, and stronger, and able to keep this sport up!! Think what would...
  19. Hotroddaddy

    Billetproof is 10 days away!!!

    I tried to talk to garlits about it today when i saw him, but he seemed a little grumpy!! I think a few of us jax guys are gonna caravan down, to bad i no longer have a hot rod. But it should be fun anyways!! maybe this time don will not be the mythical, ellusive forum buddy, that i never can...
  20. Hotroddaddy

    "Billetproof"-Florida-Only 19 days to Go !

    Hey guys, we need to hook up somehow at the show, i still have your #`s, its gonna be fun!!