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  1. Shea Laking

    Low $$$ Willys truck rebuild

    S-10's used one piece driveshafts only on regular cab short box trucks. The regular cab long box or extended cab short box configurations always used a two-piece driveshaft because of the extra length. I know on my extended cab '87 (see avitar pic) the hanger bearing falls directly underneath...
  2. Shea Laking

    1949 AD-kota

    COOL!! [;) Been awhile since I've been by. Truck's looking good. Really like the wheel covers, too. Regards, Shea:)
  3. Shea Laking

    The Puzzle replacement

    Swapping in the newer one piece glass was an "avant garde" mod back in the day, I understand. With all the new smoothness there, probably would look nice with the one piece. HOWEVER, keeping the original two-piece windshield would sure be different on a kustom... Dunno, your sled, your call...
  4. Shea Laking


    Twenty pounds of fun in a five pound bag.... YEAH!!!!!:cool: Keep those pics coming. My first car was a Chevy Vega with a 327, so I love little cars with big engines.:D Regards, Shea:)
  5. Shea Laking

    New build thread; time to build one from scratch!

    Nope. Nothin' close, bang on the money. Generic Electronic Modules can be used in a similar fashion to relays to control different electronic accessories or components... Hence "generic.";) Full wiring diagrams would most certainly be an asset. If you have some time to kill, drop by your local...
  6. Shea Laking

    Sandblasting Safety This is the stuff I was thinking of using... Any better than silica sand? Seems that as far as cartridge respirators go, I can choose between ones for fume protection (oils, spray paints) or...
  7. Shea Laking

    Sandblasting Safety

    Curious what all you rodders are using for breathing protection when blasting? I've tried Google, but there's a lot of conflicting information out there...[S I checked out a "sandblasting hood" at Princess Auto (like Harbour Freight here in Canada) the thing looks to me like it would be...
  8. Shea Laking

    41 dodge truck

    I'm with these other guys... No shame here, that's one sweet looking truck.:cool: Regards, Shea:)
  9. Shea Laking


    'Nuff said.:cool: Regards, Shea:)
  10. Shea Laking

    '36 Chevy Sedan "The PackRat Rod"

    Haven't checked in for awhile.... Keeps looking better and better.:cool:[;)[P Regards, Shea:)
  11. Shea Laking

    69 Super Bee Speedshop car

    Good for you. Get out there and enjoy it!!:cool::cool: Regards, Shea:)
  12. Shea Laking

    New build thread; time to build one from scratch!

    This is gonna be interesting.:cool:[;) I've always wanted one of that generation of SHO's. OT I know, but one of my favourite rubber-burning more-doors.:D Keep us up to date. Regards, Shea:)
  13. Shea Laking

    New skins

    OMG it looks like a freakin' CARtoon![dr:cool: Does George Trosley ever come over to visit your garage?;) Goona look awesome when you're done! Regards, Shea:)
  14. Shea Laking

    36 Ford truck on Ranger

    WOW!!!:eek::cool: One of my uncles had a '36 peek-oop back when I was a young lad. Was metallic green with black fenders, 350/350TH, open drive, stock front axle and unsplit wishbone (tranny pan didn't like the contact ;)). Looks like the Ranger underpinnings fit quite nicely under...
  15. Shea Laking

    Well I guess it's started

    CRAZY!!!!:eek::D:cool: Your kid gets mad when you don't wait for her to start working? You're the luckiest kind of Dad ever!:cool: Lookin' GREAT so far! I was picturing leaning the rear edge of the sail panels ahead to line up when you lowered the roof... I like that you're stretching them out...
  16. Shea Laking

    47 plymouth business coupe rat build

    Great progress!:cool: Doesn't even look too bad as high as it sits now. Probably no higher than it was stock.:cool: Keep us posted![;)[P Regards, Shea:)
  17. Shea Laking

    The Roofus Special

    Must be easy to get a title for "homebuilts" in Kentucky?[S Here in Ontario, we'd have to jump through hoops of fire to pull it off, I believe.:( Looking forward to touchdown on all fours... As I'm sure you are as well.:cool: Regards, Shea:)
  18. Shea Laking

    26 ford coupe

    Awesome little car!:cool: Like where you're going with this.[;) I think I'd use the Centerlines all around. Keep us posted![P Regards, Shea:)
  19. Shea Laking

    "A-Bomb" Roadster/Bucket Project

    This is a pretty neat little car so far.:cool: What kind of front suspension is that, if you don't mind me asking?[S Regards, Shea:)
  20. Shea Laking

    Something to put on your Bucket List!

    X2!! Man, that's a beauty!! :cool:[dr Regards, Shea:)