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  1. C

    another new guy...

    another new guy sorry been away from the computer abit trying to get something done to no avail. Thank you for the hospitality I am actually in Sacramento born and raised...
  2. C

    Looking for Cadillac rat rod pics

    caddy I am the owner of a 70 coupe de ville with what appears to be the look we all love.. Well in progress at least... Jeremy's rides! 009.jpg (67.5 KB)
  3. C

    another new guy...

    I guess an intriduction is in order there are a few other sites I visit but this is the only one I have registered up to date. I have been wrenching a few years now have owned a few cars and these are the ones I plan to keep hope to learn alot from the board and am willing to lend any...
  4. motorscooter


    project is further along than these pics need to take some more also there are some pics of old scoot let me know what you think...
  5. caddy


    project cadillac