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    2008 Jalopy Showdown

    car show and burn outs competiton will be saturday 1st of june all are welcome bring those rats and light the street on fire
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    2008 Jalopy Showdown

    summer fest 08 west union ohio car show and burn out competition startin thursday also rides and fun for all ages but ill def be at the burn out comp to hell with the kiddie rides lollololo
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    yeah i got this one two unless budda has a flat head in his belly i aint interested
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    tail lights

    lookin for some tear drop tail lights any one who has any or might know where i can find some please let me know thanks
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    duece guys im a moron i lost my chance at that deuce i called the guy to day and he let it go for 2 grand any way i know of where i can get a couple of more ill do this for you guys who are lookin for a deauce if your ever in michigan go to a place called germfask the place is loaded with...
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    tail lights

    hey guys im lookin for some old tear drop tail lights any one with any info can reach me here or hit me up on yahoo yellowhawk454
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    Any body into this?

    demo i used to be a big fan of demo derby untill i saw a mint 41 willys get mangaled its cool as hell if its the beater wagons and such
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    Please help me value this barn find.

    hey well from the looks of her she needs alot a tlc its kinda hard to put a price on her but what ever you pay/paid she is worth it id go atleast 4500 it looks to be in decent shape
  9. gmc


  10. gmc2


  11. gmc3 fresh  out of the paint booth    i reall regret goin black because

    gmc3 fresh out of the paint booth i reall regret goin black because

  12. 66 gmc

    66 gmc

    when i got the truck it was a real heap the bed springs were busted the cab mounts gone the doors were falling off and you could stick your foot threw the floor board it was a real mess it had set in a feild for nearly 10 years but beleive it or not i dumped a lil gas in the carb tweaked i
  13. 66 gmc

    66 gmc

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    hey guys i got a pic of my gmc up on my profile so check it out and tell me what you think its not complete yet but feel free to criticize any wya thanks for the welcome to the site
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    hey ive always loved rat rods theres just something about a loud obnoxious rusty rod that gets my blood flowin i currently am lookin for a rat project i have a 66 gmc ive been workin on for about 6 years now its almost complete and thought i might try my skills at a ratt so if any one can...