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  1. Righteous

    Got a ticket the other day that was bogus

    Definately the best advice.Dont get caught lying.& get a lawyer !
  2. Righteous

    Bought my first cab today!

    Good score . A clean so much nicer to start with it'll save ya a lot of time & money wtg !
  3. Righteous

    Getting closer to my first build

    Is it me or does anyone else think the frame look's bowed in the middle. The way the bed's kicked up in back,to me it look's like the frame is bowed/bent. Maybe just the way the picture is or maybe cause I haven't had my coffee yet ???? Righteous....
  4. Righteous

    Chrysler Tub Found!

    That's a sweet looking tub Bob,enjoy driving it again!
  5. Righteous

    If you have a Rat

    I kill all rat's that dont have wheel's on them, The little varmit's have done too much damage to my cars & truck's...
  6. Righteous

    200R4 question????

    Hey Skull.... I don't know that it's a 200R4.more than likely it's a metric 200 They are a weak low performance tranny,good for just basic transportation. Is the tranny an over drive or just a 3 spd ? The 200R4 is for all my experience a BOPC tranny,& have a multi bolt pattern bell house. My...
  7. Righteous

    4 door sedan/cars/wagons made into some other model

    Skull.... The pics I've posted are of a 29 A 4dr sedan I got from a friend. I went with him to pick it up,it was give to him to haul off! he didn't think much of it when he saw it,I had an xtended cab on my mind when I saw it. The 2 rear doors were gone when we got it,the people were cleaning up...
  8. Righteous

    C O E Coolest On Earth !

    Hey Skull.... The frame that's under it now is pretty strong as it is,it's original, all I'd need do is stretch it alittle & put the dually front & rear under it. The rear leaf spring's are almost exact in their position as my newer truck rear is,& the front of the frame is close enough in width...
  9. Righteous

    C O E Coolest On Earth !

    I'm on a COE kick right now, I have 3, 47 Ford 49.Chevy,53 Chevy On this 53 COE I'm leaving nature's aged patina as it is,with only maybe some clear coat & pinstripping. One of my problem's is I'm in between on wether to put a dually front & rear suspenion,or.... Do I go with a regular Chevy...
  10. Righteous

    What is it worth?

    RPM.... When you say he's an old man,how old are we talking ? And you,sound young - 20's Guy's & Gal's, It's totally possible RPM did stumble upon a major score & the "old Geezer" really dosn't know what he has. If you check my 1st post on this board you'll see last year at this time,I scored a...
  11. Righteous

    Another Cool Car Killed ! aka most junker's & scrapper's are DUMB!

    This is No BS.... I heard the familar rattle & noise of a trailer going by one morn, so I looked out my window one morning last week to see who was pulling a trailer past my house & what was on it The trailer was empty,the truck pulling it had a couple of teenager's driving it, the rear window...
  12. Righteous

    1941 Packard

    Hey Timbo.... If you do get the car & it's not what you really want to build, or it's missing alot of parts let me know,I'm looking for 41 Packard 110 parts, mine is a coupe, but there's still plenty of part's on a 4 dr I can use. Dont let this slip by! Righteous....t
  13. Righteous

    going to a rat rod yard tomorrow

    Definately a blast to look through. Thank's for the pics. Before anyone said it was Ohio,I would have guessed Az. as the patina on the truck cab's fit's the south west, Ohio I believe would have better paint on them instead of the sun burned paint. Some kool stuff for sure, did you see any 41...
  14. Righteous

    Found in a field a barn or ?

    The 47 COE I bought in Feb 2010 My daughter Emily took the pic of herself with time delay on my camera. We call the COE Big Red,it's totally complete with the original flatty & all. I watched this truck sit in a field by my home for about 16 yrs. In feb of this year I was finally able to catch...
  15. Righteous

    going to a rat rod yard tomorrow

    I second that !
  16. Righteous

    Found in a field a barn or ?

    Thank You All For the positive feed back ! You guy's are a breath of fresh air! I am a car guy/car hunter & love this hobby/lifestyle,it's how I earn my living & how I enjoy my free time ?This score is truly one of the best in my career. You can just imagine my thought's on the way there,is...
  17. Righteous

    Found in a field a barn or ?

    My latest find's are pretty uncommon,in fact just plain rare! My day started with a phone call from a good friend, early Friday morn.3-26-10 He said he was calling me to tell me about 2 Model A's he knew about. After getting the # from him,I called it.An elderly lady answerd, I asked if she had...
  18. Righteous

    A car guy for sure ! In Dallas Tx.area

    Greeting's All! I'm a car guy to the core I can't even tell you how many I have unless I try & count them ! I got it real bad! My car's range in age from the 20's to the late 70's I currently don't have a driver,but do have some project's I'm working on. The COE {not for sale}I'm using as my...