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  1. hkestes

    Caliper Piston Size

    Thanks for all the replies. However, it is all still clear as mud. From what I have been able to gather from your responses and responses on other sites I have made the decision to go with the brake kit with the Chevy style rotor with Mopar 4.5 inch bolt circle and 69-77 GM calipers with a 2.8...
  2. hkestes

    Caliper Piston Size

    The power disc brakes on my 37 Plymouth coupe have felt soft since I have owned it. I have a dropped tube axle with the 37-48 Ford round back spindles. I bled the brakes a couple of times without much improvement. My 67-76 Corvette master cylinder had a very slight leak so I replaced it with a...
  3. hkestes

    Gasser & Altered fotos!!!

    Here are a few of my dad's old gasser that ran in SW Missouri back in the early to mid 60's.
  4. hkestes

    What seat for a 37 Plymouth Coupe

    I am thinking about new seat or seats for my 37 Plymouth coupe and wondered what any of you have found that fit the late 30's coupes. I believe all brands will be about the same size. My stock seat is about 46 inches wide at the widest point of the base and about 48 inches wide along the top...
  5. hkestes

    51 Cambridge build

    Here is a little inspiration for you. A 53 model 230 that I built for my previous 48 Plymouth coupe. I just ran Carter Webber 2 bbl carbs though not the fancy throttle bodies. Looks like it will be a neat set up.
  6. hkestes

    Tail light Tuesday!

    My 37 Plymouth
  7. hkestes

    Side shot Saturday!

    My all Mopar 37 Plymouth coupe.
  8. hkestes

    Out west

    Maybe some motivation for your flathead build. This was a 59 model 230 I built for my 48 Plymouth coupe in front of a Borg Warner R10 OD transmission.
  9. hkestes

    This is one I really miss!

    Either the 34 Plymouth coupe with 318/904 or even better the 73 Cuda with the 383/727 I built out of my grandfather's 68 wagon. Unfortunately I no longer have photos of either as the old album they were in was lost in our move from MO to TX almost 30 years ago.
  10. hkestes

    Front End Fridays: Let's see 'um!

    My 37 Plymouth
  11. hkestes

    A car list.....Just for fun.

    Wow! I'm a piker compared to you guys. Here are mine in order of when I owned them excluding ho-hum family cars. 48 Plymouth Business Coupe 62 Impala Two Door Hardtop 78 Camaro 73 Cuda 70 Cuda 34 Plymouth Coupe 40 Chevy Two Door Sedan 48 Plymouth Club Coupe 37 Plymouth Coupe
  12. hkestes

    What Did Ya Get Done This Weekend?

    It is a mechanical switch.