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  1. Thunder1

    Hey guys, just stopped by to say hello!

    Hey Fella's! Don mentioned some of you were asking about me a while back so I thought I had better stop off at RRR and say hello. I sure miss it! Things are going well for me. Nothing left of my truck but my cab, a brand new, in the box 8 circuit wiring harness that I can't give away, and my...
  2. Thunder1

    Greetings my long lost bretheren!

    How ya doing E-Man?? My life story huh?? It might make a good reality show at this point. How ya doing E-man?? Your still typing away here too??? Really good to hear from you! I'm back at Titanic as you probably read by now. Trying to get resettled and make a home for myself. Tried going...
  3. Thunder1

    Greetings my long lost bretheren!

    Well, Well, My old buddy Bonehead!! So good to hear from you man! Thanks!! It's great to be back. I've missed you guys! Glad to see all you still here. I guess the site sort of runs in your blood after a while doesn't it? That's why I'm here I suppose. Been a long time since I've been a...
  4. Thunder1

    Greetings my long lost bretheren!

    Great memory HR Preacher! Your right, I'm at Titanic in Pigeon Forge. Thanks for saying hello.
  5. Thunder1

    Greetings my long lost bretheren!

    Thanks guys! Great to be back and hearing from all of you! DMW - I'd really like to talk and catch up on things too so give me a call soon ok? I'm off work after 7pm (Eastern) most nights. Also RPM, I'll do my best to get by very soon. Sorry I missed you! I was really looking forward...
  6. Thunder1

    Greetings my long lost bretheren!

    Hey guys!! It's Thunder1!! I wouldn't blame you if you forgot all about me but I just wanted to say hi to all my buds here. I've been on a quest to find myself over the past year or so and well I've finally come full circle back to the mountains of east Tennessee. Guess this is where the lord...
  7. Thunder1

    I'm still alive fella's!!!

    Hows everybody doing?? I know you guys probably thought I was gone for good right?? I thought I had better check in now after 6 months of being off the site. :rolleyes: I haven't forgotten my brothers here. I'm still up in Pigeon Forge, and still working at my not so "new" job anymore. It's...
  8. Thunder1

    I'm still here guys!

    :D Well it's been a month since I moved to Pigeon Forge and I still don't have Internet service. :mad: I just wanted to check in and let everyone know how things have been going. I love this new job! It's working out great. Lots of 10 hour days but I'm not complaining. It's well worth it. I...
  9. Thunder1

    About to sign off for a short while!

    Sounds to me like you just need to hop on 40 west and come on over. I think you would be really impressed with not just the F-100 show but with the Museum too. Believe me, It's an amazing experience. Thunder
  10. Thunder1

    About to sign off for a short while!

    Hey Shakey! Thanks! I'll be in touch once we get open and things settle down a little. I'm gearing up for five 12 hour days in a row next week! :D Lots to still do in regard to that. I'm really anxious to meet you too! Pat
  11. Thunder1

    About to sign off for a short while!

    Thanks guys!! High five to you too E-man!! Your exactly right TiredIron but the cool thing is, PF is even bigger and has a completely different set of artifacts. Come see us! Looking forward to seeing you there! TiredIron, PM me when you plan on coming ok? Thunder
  12. Thunder1

    About to sign off for a short while!

    That scares me a bit!.....CR You said it CR!! Speaking of fast women, I didn't waste any time in finding that out either. I've already met one of those too! [ddd[cl Thunder
  13. Thunder1

    About to sign off for a short while!

    Hey Fella's, I'm home!!! Well, after a week and a whole lotta hassle with several Internet providers, the computer is back in business and alive and well in Pigeon Forge! Man, what a week!! I started the new job Monday and will be training until the opening a week from today. I really like...
  14. Thunder1

    Suicide front end...

    Here's a builders tip from the 2009 issue of the Speedway catalog. "A Panhard rod should be considered mandatory on all 4-bar systems, and recommended on all cross-steer systems. The bar is normally mounted to the frame on the drivers side and to the axle/batwing on the passenger" side. It...
  15. Thunder1

    Checking in from Louisiana

    Crazy truck! - I like it! Welcome to the site from Tennessee. Thunder
  16. Thunder1

    About to sign off for a short while!

    I'm looking forward to it Tired Iron!!! Be sure to ask for Pat. I'm sure I won't be hard to find. See you then! Pat
  17. Thunder1

    About to sign off for a short while!

    Thanks guys! I'll be back soon. I'm gonna miss being here everyday. Hope I don't miss too much. Take care, Pat
  18. Thunder1

    About to sign off for a short while!

    Hey Fella's - Well, It's time to for me to get packed up for the big move. I've got to get the computer boxed up and ready to go. After today, you won't be hearing from me for maybe a week or possibly a little longer. I'm having to argue with my new landlord about cable and Internet access...
  19. Thunder1

    Rat Rod Rumble

    Cool!! I'll be in Pigeon Forge by then. Hopefully I won't have to work all weekend. I'm gonna do my best to get over there to see it. Thunder
  20. Thunder1

    New guy from Dallas

    Nice Teardrop! Welcome to the site. Thunder