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  1. grouchy

    fresh thinking photos

    get rid of a the quotes with reposted pictures a oooh cools and these thread would be only 10 pages long!
  2. grouchy

    Ford knee action shock links dog bones

    Ended, Thanks for looking!
  3. grouchy

    Ford knee action shock links dog bones

    I have six of these 3 of each type. In very good shape. Will need rubber ball inserts All six $11.00+8.00 priority shipping $19.00 USD total. No International shipping! Thank you! Located in west central Ohio 45828 Paypal preferred unless other form of payment is discussed pm for payment info...
  4. grouchy

    Is eBay dead or what?

    RIP eBay............ Can't give thing away, can't get more than opening bid if that!
  5. grouchy

    Farmall tractor Grill shell nose

    Located in west central Ohio 45828 $50.00 OBO Selling on ebay stinks so i'll sell it here! I have a Farmall grill in good solid shape lots of patina that needs to go! Measures Approx 24" tall top is about 18"x18" It's the narrow one, might be tough to get a rad to fit I'll include a rad for a...
  6. grouchy

    I don't know... maybe I'm just stupid!!!

    Why is the light too loud? Tell us more!
  7. grouchy

    Is eBay dead or what?

    They must know they're in trouble, 10% ebay bucks again (their rebate program). 3rd one in a a month It's their stupid policies that are killing them.[cl
  8. grouchy

    Is eBay dead or what?

    Exactly! Can find some oddball stuff at reasonable prices, at times Can't give stuff away!
  9. grouchy

    Is eBay dead or what?

    Thanks, I'll try FB
  10. grouchy

    Is eBay dead or what?

    I've been trying to move some stuff I've collected over the years, and I can't give it away! Has rat rodding died or is it eBay?
  11. grouchy

    1929 International Truck

    Really nice! Thanks for sharing!!!
  12. grouchy

    1929 International Truck

    Looks great! Keep the pics comming! Thanks grouchy
  13. grouchy


    Truely amazing! You build some great stuff! Thanks Bob!
  14. grouchy

    GMC Valve Cover

    Still got this for sale? Let me know..Thanks, grouchy
  15. grouchy

    1930 Dodge Woody

    WOW ! You have alot of talent and imagination my friend! Looking to seeing more!
  16. grouchy

    Quick question on L-R motor offset

    I think the hemi in a 70's cuda was offset about 4" to clear the steering shaft....
  17. grouchy

    28 Reo RatRod Pickup

    Looks like a really cool project keep us posted!!
  18. grouchy

    I'll have a big announcement tomorrow! Any1 wanna guess?!?

    A magazine? Great idea! I was afraid you went and grew up or sompin' silly like that! Sign me up!
  19. grouchy

    curiosity killin me, bobber trucks using 60's and 70's cabs

    Kind of like this? Found this picture on the web one day