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  1. 22dodge

    How I Built a Body in 1800 Easy Steps !!

    The car looks fantastic, awesome craftsmanship.:cool: Thanks for sharing your talent with us... And yes, I am Googling now, looking foreward to the next lesson. '22
  2. 22dodge

    Look what I did!!!! (pinstriping inside)

    Hey, that really looks great... Nice job. :cool: '22
  3. 22dodge

    Next Project Revealed

    Very Cool... Sounds great, looking forward to seeing what you come up with on this one. A nice collection that you will work your magic on... '22
  4. 22dodge

    Not exactly a build, but a rebuild .

    Looks great Don. Keep those updates coming :D '22
  5. 22dodge

    Cars of RRR. Post Your Pics Here.

    Lots of great projects here, looking forward to seeing some of those unfinished projects completed.. Tiny, I also really like the door setup on your truck, the doors on my 1920 model TT Ford were built the same way. I don't recall ever seeing any other vehicles done this way. Very nice touch...
  6. 22dodge

    55 Chevy Full Build

    Very Nice !!! Awesome fab work, Gastrick. Really makes for something unique, well done. '22
  7. 22dodge

    Low n Fast...Kickin ***

    That's pretty cool..... '22
  8. 22dodge

    '22 Dodge progress update....

    Thanks for the comments, guys.. It is 9" as measured from the bottom of the main frame rail to the bottom of the rail at the top of the kick. '22
  9. 22dodge

    Another kind of build

    Very Cool.... That is quite a change for one week, the truck looks awesome. :cool: Your son should be very proud of the truck and the fact that you built it together (I am sure he is.... ). Well done, Bonehead. '22
  10. 22dodge

    Guess what I got

    Very Cool... Very nice.... what do you have in mind ???? ;) '22
  11. 22dodge

    '22 Dodge progress update....

    Thanks Guys......... Thank's, guys.. The car is coming along, slowly, but it's getting "there".. The garage kind of just happened over the last year, my wife had some of my posters and photos framed while I was in Russia and the rest just kind of happened. Gastrick, I have 3 masterpieces by...
  12. 22dodge

    Not exactly a build, but a rebuild .

    Thanks, Don. Update of the '22 Dodge with a few photos posted now.... Looking forward to more of the '27 when you have time. '22
  13. 22dodge

    '22 Dodge progress update....

    Here is the body subframe that I am working on now. The previous owner tack welded a lot of things, but never fully welded them. 2 small tacks are all that hold some of the cross members, just a lot of welding and refitting of things before finishing the body. That’s it for the update for...
  14. 22dodge

    '22 Dodge progress update....

    I drilled some holes in the brake shoes, and painted them red, they do show up rather well through the backing plate holes. Don’t remember where I saw this done first, but I like the look.
  15. 22dodge

    '22 Dodge progress update....

    Here is the steel quick change rear, painted, brakes installed and ready to go back under the car.
  16. 22dodge

    '22 Dodge progress update....

    It’s been awhile since I did an update on the “22 Dodge. :rolleyes: Don’s ‘27 rebuild thread pushed me to take some photos and post them. For those that are not familiar with my project, here is some background information: After attending...
  17. 22dodge

    Not exactly a build, but a rebuild .

    I haven't posted any pictures, Don, but will take a couple today. Yes, the gloss black makes a big difference over the flat black. A couple of cars at Dragfest inspired me to redo things... '22
  18. 22dodge

    Not exactly a build, but a rebuild .

    Very Nice !!! Looks great, Don. :cool: Thanks for the update. I recently stripped the 22 Dodge all the way down and repainted the frame and running gear in gloss black. Big change and worth the effort. '22
  19. 22dodge

    I'm Gonna Build A Dragster!

    Congrats Bob, a successful first outing!!! That's awesome. Nice to hear that it was well received and as much fun as you were hopeing for... '22
  20. 22dodge

    steel guage

    See if this is any help to you.... '22