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  1. CR55

    Earthman asked "Covid how are you affected?"

    Hey guys, haven't been on here for a while! In response to the covid question, I've had it twice! 1st time left me short of breath for a month or so. The 2nd time did the same thing, but its taken my drive and ambition. Retirement is now on my mind a lot! Love my job, but it's taking all I can...
  2. CR55

    The great skunk adventure.

    A few years ago my Rottweiler/Akita dog, who by the way was the most passive dog I've ever seen, killed a skunk and brought it in the house after it sprayed him I might add!!!The absolute worse smell ever!!!!😳
  3. CR55

    Happy birthday bamamav !!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!
  4. CR55

    Snowed in again

    We were supposed to get 14" up here but it seems to have turned south...couldn't be happier!...I wanna be a weatherman when I grow up!
  5. CR55

    just some fun pix

    For you VW fans!
  6. CR55

    1st concert you attended!

    Dave Mason. Opening act was Little Feat, around 73 or so!
  7. CR55

    Happy birthday dr. Crankenstein !!!!!

  8. CR55

    Happy Birthday forbigpicture

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  9. CR55

    Happy birthday sam fear !!!!

    Happy birthday! ! ! !
  10. CR55

    just some fun pix

    WTH? Too smart!
  11. CR55

    Tesla truck... WHAT were they thinking?!?

    I think I saw Dr. Smith on lost in space driving one years ago!
  12. CR55

    lazy afternoon

    Got chased by an overly aggressive goat in a junkyard once!!!! Bad experience is all I can say!
  13. CR55

    Kool Car Photos!

    Any other pics of this ride? Its beautiful
  14. CR55

    Shop break in

    This guy deters any burglaries in my home and he hears EVERYTHING outside!!
  15. CR55

    Shop break in

    Nothing in the world worse than a thief!!! Sorry for your loss....working Construction sites all my life I have come in contact with guys always selling hot tools...never, ever bought any as I had mine stolen a young guy it put me out of business until they were replaced!
  16. CR55

    Happy Halloween

    Snowed here all day and the wind chills bought the temp waaaaay down. A lot of towns cancelled it until Saturday.
  17. CR55

    Happy birthday cycledog !!!!!!

    Happy birthday! !!!
  18. CR55

    Happy birthday cr55 !!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Had a great just seems like the bdays are coming quicker!!
  19. CR55

    just some fun pix

    You're one lucky guy...that is disastrous looking!
  20. CR55

    Happy birthday blue eyed devil!!!!!

    Happy birthday! ! ! !