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  1. Dirtyrat

    Kool Bike Photos!!!

    Where exactly do your legs go?
  2. Dirtyrat

    What Did Ya Get Done This Weekend?

    Well, we are mainly packing this weekend. Going to do our final walk through on our new (to us) home! I've been slacking and not been on this awesome board in way way too long, but I'm hoping to get more time here and there after we are settled in the new place. Finally moving away from all the...
  3. Dirtyrat

    21 Willys status report please

    Damn, I'm not up to speed as to what happened, but I do hope you are doing ok and that you get the treatment you need to live a happy life!
  4. Dirtyrat

    Well...did it again...

    Thats terrible sarge, hope you heal quickly!
  5. Dirtyrat

    1969 Beaumont Convertible

    Great find!!!
  6. Dirtyrat

    1961 rambler roadster, new axle and trans...

    Love the roadster! really cool to see something different!
  7. Dirtyrat

    50s Ford F1 Build

    Not a lot to report, mainly a lot of waiting right now. Waiting on someone to make an offer on our house, waiting on the sellers of the planned new house to respond to our inspection addendum... Hopefully now that the holidays are over, things will resume in the housing buyers market...
  8. Dirtyrat

    Ck this VW Jetta Ute conversion kit!

    I'd love it, except my jetta is newer, and with the DSG trans you cannot tow... Still love my diesel though...
  9. Dirtyrat

    Mama Tried / rudy truck

    looks like a great start!
  10. Dirtyrat


    Welcome! Quarter elliptical sounds great. Check out my build thread if you need some info on quarter ellipticals!
  11. Dirtyrat

    New here

    welcome to RRR!
  12. Dirtyrat

    4 link rod ends

    Are you looking for rod ends that use a spherical "bushing" or do you mean just a straight rod end with a rubber bushing and inner sleeve for a through bolt, more like a single direction pivot rather than a typical heim rod end?
  13. Dirtyrat

    Ignition timing with LPG

    yea, I am running the roush setup, I plan on running the stock ford setup which is water to air..
  14. Dirtyrat

    new guy

    Welcome to RRR!
  15. Dirtyrat

    1946 Dodge Pickup

    The patina on that truck is perfect! I love these years for the dodge trucks!
  16. Dirtyrat

    1949 Ford bobber build

    I posted in Tips, Eastwood has the weld through primer for about $15/can. bed is looking great Gold!
  17. Dirtyrat

    Newbie from OKC

    Welcome to RRR!
  18. Dirtyrat

    1940 ford build

    Welcome to RRR!
  19. Dirtyrat

    Jordy - Your average 37 Tudor Sedan 4x4 build - Revision II

    Definitely looking good with the fenders on!
  20. Dirtyrat

    The Official 2016 RRR Calendar Info Thread

    How do we get 50% off?