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  1. dutch

    just some fun pix

    spaghetti is a mess too...
  2. dutch

    Bronco ewww

    I had my share of hidden hack jobs on the bmw.... Makes the damage worse in no time and extra work to get all plasic crap out :poop: You`ll get er fixed 👍
  3. dutch

    New life for the '30 Chevy

    hey, welcome back! The console looks cool enough! Just stick a clock in that time machine...
  4. dutch

    Still Kicking LOL

    lazy chair pointed towards the fridge... sweet... :sneaky:
  5. dutch

    37 Dodge Pick up for sale

    If I were in the market for a project like that, I`d be all over it because of the drivetrain!
  6. dutch

    Bronco ewww

    Rotisserie! (y)
  7. dutch

    Endless BS thread

    probably not but it was fun while it lasted...
  8. dutch

    Endless BS thread

    whoa!!! he got a well deserved ticket to freedom... did anyone film the cop`s eyes? 👀
  9. dutch

    Grande Prairie car show

    congrats Mac, that`s well deserved (y)
  10. dutch

    Grande Prairie car show

    Lotsa beauties there! To be honest; the only ones that really draw my attention are the unmolested oldies.... 😎
  11. dutch

    Junk parts everywhere...

    You bet this is not engine building only...
  12. dutch

    Endless BS thread

    hahaha good ones ... good twices... whatever...
  13. dutch

    Aluminum Plate

    Agreed, That is too light. Even with hard alu. I would use steel 2x4 to support... I don`t trust lawyers and don`t trust wood, unless firewood.
  14. dutch

    other hobbies?

    gotta love shiny interior parts... :sneaky:😅
  15. dutch

    scrap anvil stand

    yea, they are a pretty big dealer. Still 750mls from my place... That`s a distance at least in my book... 👀
  16. dutch

    scrap anvil stand

    Overhere prices for quality anvils are pretty steep too. I think forge related shows on youtube and tv may have something to do with that... Now most think they have gold with a beat up pos boat anchor.
  17. dutch

    scrap anvil stand

    That would be me... 🙄 😁
  18. dutch

    New life for the '30 Chevy

    (y) welcome back... Looking forward to see some progress :cool:
  19. dutch

    What do you call this? Where do i buy another one?

    You could easy make one on a lathe or even with a drillpress.
  20. dutch

    scrap anvil stand

    I picked up this one today. It had been sitting under a workbench for over 50yrs and had to go because the building was sold. I forgot to take before pics, but it was nasty. I got it cleaned up a bit because I was curious what I brought home. Turned out to be an English Attwood Stourbridge...