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  1. earthman

    Out of mothballs!

    I know if it were me selling the Rancho it would be another choice i would forever regret.
  2. earthman

    Supercharged BMW V8 Tbucket, v2.0. New Engine Day.

    AMBR contender in my estimation.
  3. earthman

    just some fun pix

  4. earthman

    New life for the '30 Chevy

    Just got around to this. I can look at steampunk style all day. Very inspired by what you have done there OS.
  5. earthman

    Thursday at Gruber's

    Thanks Bob. I see a red wagon down the line. What was that?
  6. earthman

    Endless BS thread

  7. earthman

    Kool Car Photos!

  8. earthman

    Racecar to RATROD

    This one is over the top! Awesome creation Animal.
  9. earthman

    just some fun pix

    Well this look like fun
  10. earthman

    My Tupelo bad luck hasn't changed

    At some point paddling upstream is pointless. Turning around, going with the flow and letting the universe do what it wants is much less stressfull. :)
  11. earthman

    Model A Pickup just another build !

    Takes me back to the days when there could be something besides an sbc in home built hot rod. High five Don
  12. earthman

    My Tupelo bad luck hasn't changed

    I see it down there! You will get this sorted out.
  13. earthman

    Grande Prairie car show

    That is your black '56 right? So nice!
  14. earthman

    Out of mothballs!

    You have had the Rancho for a lot of years right? Seems like you had it when you started the board.
  15. earthman

    What up everybody?

    Sending good energy your way '26
  16. earthman

    Endless BS thread

    Sold these after all. $200
  17. earthman

    Endless BS thread

    Well well, here are a matched pair of actual caboose tail lights suitable for rat rod applications of course. 12volt working with all eight lenses intact. 7 inches tall. Any interest in a contest? Been a long time.
  18. earthman

    earthman's actual ratrod foto thread

    April foolery i think. Does it look like ice pulleys under the front? If so i hope that charging cable isn't live!