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  1. Tripper

    Got a fuel problem

    If it stops & restarts shortly after.., I’m going for trash in the float bowl or filter! BoB
  2. Tripper

    Out of mothballs!

    Well... I actually drove the Ranchero on the street for the 1st time in many moons. Still have a lil sorting out to do but it felt good to be back in the seat! BoB
  3. Tripper


    I use NAPA for that very reason, our NAPA is staffed by guys that have a clue & have saved my bacon many times! The guys at our other local stores are lost if it's not on their computer! BoB
  4. Tripper

    just some fun pix

  5. Tripper

    Motor Monday... whatcha got?!?

    Motor Porn Monday: Love me some "W" motors!!! BoB
  6. Tripper

    An Observation

    And definitely turn off the news!
  7. Tripper

    Every Kid's Dream

    WOWSERS!!! That's what I'm talkin' about! Just catchin up with this build... totally bad azzz!!! BoB
  8. Tripper

    Smokin' Sunday: Let's see it!!!

    Smokin' C-dan! BoB
  9. Tripper

    Rat Rod of the Day!

    Lov this naked c-dan rockin' a W motor with a 6-pak squirtin' the go-go juice... sweeeeeeeet!!! BoB
  10. Tripper

    Truckin' Thursday: You know I love me some trucks!

    Love me some ADs!!! BoB
  11. Tripper

    Vacuum leak

    I had that problem with my old Edelbrock medium riser, it leaked at the 4 corners but it was easy to pin down because it leaked oil in those spots so I just put an extra dab there! BoB
  12. Tripper

    Tail light Tuesday!

    Tail Light Tuesday: Fins forever!!! BoB
  13. Tripper

    Valve Cover Plugs

    I’ve used a hole cutter on a hand drill & my drill press to do it, pretty easy cutting through aluminum! A guide hole in the middle is a must! BoB
  14. Tripper

    Front End Fridays: Let's see 'um!

    Front End Friday! BoB
  15. Tripper

    VW photo thread!!!

    I'd definitely rock this one!!! BoB
  16. Tripper

    Out of mothballs!

    Yep... bought Oct '09! Drove it quite a while until the motor died, sat in storage for about 5 years until I had the motor rebuilt then drove it for years until I moved out in the boonies & it started setting again! Wish I hadn't let it set for so long! BoB
  17. Tripper

    Still Kicking LOL

    Oh yeah... treated rots! I'm replacing several boards on my 10 year old back deck. It just doesn't rot as fast as untreated & it seems some boards don't get treated as well as others! BoB
  18. Tripper

    Out of mothballs!

    Got the Ranchero running really well. Couldn't get gas up to the carb so I installed a new fuel pump & re-ran the gas line only to find out the gas tank was a mess so I'll order a new tank today! It's *always* something... haha! BoB
  19. Tripper

    Side shot Saturday!

    Side Shot Saturday: A kool pair!!! BoB
  20. Tripper

    Motor Monday... whatcha got?!?

    Motor Monday: I assume he's a vegetarian! BoB