34 Buick Headlight Bucket Upgrade

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Aug 26, 2020
Northern NJ
Hey Guys....

Thought I'd not bury this in my build thread. I have this set of nice 34 Buick headlight buckets the buckets are perfect and have some nasty dull reflectors in them. I ordered a seal beam conversion kit from 40's Chevy but I have to cut the crap out of the front flange and the trim rings are not long enough to cover the edges. The whole set up sticks out too far. I've asked before an got a couple answers but looking for some advice on if I should use the existing reflectors and go with LED's or if there's another way to convert to seal beam. Anyone done this before? I'm worried that if I don't go seal beam water will get in an and burn out the bulbs..... not that I'll be driving this rig in the rain...


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