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Default 322 with a '57 chev 3 spd. ?

Hey any Nailhead fans,
anyone ever stuck a '57 chevy 3 spd on a '54 322? I have a nailhead I'd like to use but no trans...I have a '57 chev rear axle so the chev 3 spd. (I think they are saginaw??) seems like a good choice. I also have a weak 5 bolt top cover 3 spd closed drive trans from the smaller buick 264 (with a bellhousing that will fit the 322), flywheel, clutch and pressure plate, apparently the flywheel can be reweighted to work with the 322, but the trans itself is weak as hell, has a weird in-out shift pattern that I'd have to make my own shifter for, and is a torque tube trans. Does anyone know if this will work and which mods need to be done?
- Thanks
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