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    • MercuryMac
      MercuryMac replied to the thread Isky Assaulted.
      I'm going to vote with Snopro on this topic. We have an old car forum here and we can stray a wee bit from that but politics and...
    • MercuryMac
      I'm not the type of guy that puts a SBC in every hotrod, so here's what I've been doing this past week. The bad motor that came in my...
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    • MercuryMac
      MercuryMac replied to the thread no prizes but really???.
      I've had two different things that showed the same symptoms as you have. One; a bad coil will heat up and cut power badly, and then...
    • MercuryMac
      MercuryMac replied to the thread New to rat rodding.
      Welcome to Undeadsleds, from northern Alberta. I will be following your progress excitedly, because I have a '29 Model A in my line-up...
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    • MercuryMac
      I can add to the spam; I have a place in my tool chest for my homemade stuff. There are quite a few bent wrenches and I use them once in...
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    • MercuryMac
      The picture is of the afore mentioned bent wrench holding a bolt head and working. I have the pedal assembly bolted in there and most of...
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    • MercuryMac
      Don't lend me your wrenches! pic one, is how I bent a brand new wrench, [a cheap one, Power Fist], to fit bolt heads inside the boxed in...
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    • MercuryMac
      MercuryMac replied to the thread My 1930 Tudor build.
      You're doing fine, carry on.
    • MercuryMac
      Bama, I have been using Ultra Flat Camouflage Dark brown hide the rough stuff. I've now got the little actuating arm made and fine tuned...
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    • MercuryMac
      MercuryMac replied to the thread New to the forum.
      Welcome to the RRR site, from northern Alberta. I'm looking forward to seeing your 'build thread' on here.
    • MercuryMac
      MercuryMac replied to the thread Hercules.
      Welcome back, ZZ.
    • MercuryMac
      I've always liked late fifties Mopars. Drive it like it is. My outlook is; fix a vehicle up to whatever goal you have, don't fix it down.
    • MercuryMac
      I agree, Bob. Today, I finished up the bushings in the pedals and mounting pedestal, but slowed down on building an arm to drive the...
    • MercuryMac
      MercuryMac replied to the thread 1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo.
      There's at least one narrowing of an axle in my future, so I watched with interest. Thank you.
    • MercuryMac
      I like building new things but there's almost as much engineering that goes into making things look like they are only a few months old...
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