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      Neto replied to the thread Unhappy People.
      We had the weekly baths in a galvanized tub, as you said, but in the kitchen. The rest of the time it hung on a hook on the outside of...
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      Neto replied to the thread Title ?.
      Long time ago (1980), but I bought my 46 Plymouth w/o a title. First attempt (1981) I used the SN plus the tag that was on the car when...
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      Neto reacted to MercuryMac's post in the thread Title ? with Like Like.
      All DMVs in every state and province are different --- and the same. They all have different rules and hoops you have to jump through...
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      Neto replied to the thread Hi, my name is brian.
      We own two 2019 vehicles, a Ram Classic (4th Gen), and a Honda CR-V. So I am on discussion forums for those vehicles, and almost...
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      Neto replied to the thread Doodle Bug to Roadster….
      Doodlebugs. My dad talked about one that a local farmer had (in western Oklahoma). They had connected a second transmission behind the...
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      Neto replied to the thread Really?!?!.
      Paint it yellow with Photoshop??
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      I skipped ahead bit by bit in places, but this was an interesting video. Maybe especially about the shrinking disk, because that's...
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