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      vht replied to the thread 1937 Ford Pickup.
      I velcroed an led light to my helmet, it helped a lot. It gets in the way sometimes under a car mig welding so I got one of those head...
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      vht replied to the thread Old school rod, gasser, rat rod fan!.
      Sounds like a great build. I need to put my 57 chev gasser project on here and see if I remember how to resize pics.
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      vht replied to the thread Second Wind - a Packard Gasser.
      Ok, I just ran onto this sweet build and it looks killer but what happened to just painting the frame and leaving the patina on the...
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      vht replied to the thread Baffled. Not baffled..
      On my 434 sb I had I ran the Speedway open breathers with the chrome tubes that just push down into your valve cover grommets. The...
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