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Dec 8, 2013
Tempe AZ
Is there a reason that firewall/toe boards (best description I could find) angle back toward the cab vs just being squared? I can’t see how it really effects pedal function or anything… maybe it does. Just ergonomics, idk. I’d love to hear opinions/answers.
I think just ergonomics. Good angle for the old foot button dimmer switch. Only my model a has an angled toe board. How is that project coming?

These guys just had a show at their place in Queen Creek. Over a hundred rats. Rat Rod Addiction...

That makes sense.
It’s coming along slowly but surely. List is getting shorter, but it’s still too long.
I’m intending on adding an angled wood block/panel/whatever on mine although the body is built square. It’s exactly for ergonomics in my case. I just like something to prop my foot on.

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