Supercharged BMW V8 Tbucket, v2.0. New Engine Day.

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Aug 1, 2018
Prescott Az
Some of you might remember the build thread of my BMW powered Tbucket:

The project has been on the road for a little over two years now. It's seen some minor changes and adaptations over that time.

Recently while focusing on tuning the high RPM rev ranges, I spun a rod bearing. Datalogs showed a couple instances of getting up north of 8200rpm before a light tick noise became present. At first I thought it was a collapsed hydraulic lifter. It turned out cyl #3 rod bearing shells siezed to the rod journal and spun inside the big end of the con rod.

Surprisingly it didn't score the rod journal, I decided to game by installing a set of new rod bearings. They all plasti'd a bit tight on the way in. My gamble lasted three days before it started knocking again, this time louder then the original spun rod bearing.

Time to retire this engine and swap it out for a spare BMW M62B44 I've had sitting for a couple years.

Needed to transfer the camshafts, timing chains & guides, timing covers & peripherals over to the replacement engine.

When I saw how clean the engine was going together I decided to take the opportunity to clean up alot of my original fab work from the original build. And it began to snowball....

A friend made a set of intake spacers for my project, he is the same one who makes the intake adapters that bolts the jaguar supercharger onto the BMW heads.

Made new -10an water lines for the supercharger cooling. Running them up the back of the engine instead of out the front, in the name of cleaning things up.

Made all new exhaust, using similar components as previously. Taking Chinesium EBay cheapy headers meant for the new generation Mustangs with the Coyote 5.0, modify the flanges, flip the headers upside down and weld the BMW flanges to the 5.0 flanges. This time focusing on a cleaner job then previously. It's not perfect and I'm sure someone with awesome header fabrication and welding skills could make a beautiful set of headers for it. But it's the best I can do in my budget.

I also installed a pair of new Pypes M80 mufflers, the same brand as previously but going to 3" instead of 2.5" Cut the ball/socket flanges off the headers, slip the mufflers directly onto the collector and weld them on. Also a pair of new polished 4" turn outs welded to the muffler cases.

In the spirit of cleaning things up, cut off and ground smooth an unused water port and air bleed on the supercharger outlet left over from the original application.

 is still a work in progress. Intake gaskets just arrived I had been waiting for so I can finish up the top end. I have a minor drivers side exhaust header tweak to do and then I can try to light it off. Check back for updates.
I'm not even sure what to say Mykk.....I had wondered what happened to you.

WOW seems to be the appropriate word right now!!!
Your roadster is truly a unique and high quality build. Glad you came back and showed what you are up to.
I'm not exactly sure what happened or what changed, however once the supercharger and intercoolers were bolted down the inlet manifold with my homemade weber throttle bodies adapter doesn't fit between the supercharger and firewall anymore.

I'm going to make another adapter that raises the throttlebodies up over the firewall/cowl. This will also allow me to space the throttlebodies further apart and I can use my larger stacks.

In these photos the throttlebodies are mocked up on blocks to get an idea of the height and look:

The materials are on order to make my new adapter, and once that is complete it'll be ready for a test fire.
Such a cool ride man!! It is super unique and we'll done!! Glad to see you back!!
Remade the throttle adapter after the previous version wouldn't seal against the throttles, which was the vacuum leak in the previous video. Made a different design adapter, this one even taller. The increased height uncovered previously blocked off fuel injector ports in the throttles so they now clear the supercharger water-air intercoolers.

I thought it would be a neat experiment to see how the engine responds to having aux injectors spray some fuel at the TB's pre supercharger. In my mind it could help with IAT cooling.

Installed a 1/8npt to 4an fitting at the fuel pressure regulator high side and ran 4an to a dead headed fuel rail that came with the throttles. Fuel rail modified for for npt threads, one side blocked off.

The standalone fuel injection controller has four ignition and four fuel channels, it's wired the fuel and ignition in paired cylinders. The four channels get wired in order to match the engines firing order. 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2 : Chanel 1 = cyl 1 & 6, Channel 2 = Cyl 5 & 3, Channel 3 = cyl 4 & 7, Channel 4 = cyl 8 & 2. I used channel 1 & channel 3 for the Aux injectors wired parallel to the existing fuel injectors (after verifying the EFI controller can drive three 14ohm injectors per channel), so the aux injectors alternate fire 180 crank degrees apart.

If it presents problems to dial in and tune or doesn't seem beneficial to the running engine I can remove the +12v to the Aux injectors and perhaps reserve them to be active when the nitrous solenoids are on...or something.

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