1937 Packard 115 coupe

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When I was growing up I used to drive by the Old Packard plant where that engine may have been built ZZ.
Owning a Packard is still on my list. "Ask the man that owns one." :cool:
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Actually my dream Packard engine build would be to do up a 56 Packard 374 V8. I tried to post a link to the HotRod Magazine Engine Masters build of that engine a while back, making 445 HP on the Dyno - but I can't figger out how to do the link thing - maybe someone can learn me how??
I say dream build because it's also a very pricey proposition but totally cool and unusual...
My pleasure.

I can't figger out how to do the link thing - maybe someone can learn me how??

I'd send a PM, but I can't upload my image there.

To post a link to a site or a specific page from that site...

- Go to the desired page
- Click on the address at the top of the screen. It will "highlight" as shown in the attached shot
- Right click and select "copy"
- Paste the copied address into your text

It's similar, but different than posting a full size pic from a thumbnail. You need both this site and the other site open at the same time. I hope that makes sense!



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More crossbreeding, did away with the big ugly Ford pump and mounted a GM ps pump. Made a couple small brackets and used a Borgeson hose kit to mate it to the Mustang rack, also installed a pressure reduction kit so it doesn't overpower the rack. Got the brakes bled today too, just about done on the chassis then comes the body work fun :)



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Before the bondo dust starts to fly and gets on everything, I did the seam sealing and started putting in the Hushmat, silver for the firewall and roof, the rest will get the black version.



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Nice work as always!

The shop looks good compared to the garage.

I still think of the Caddy build from time to time. May just have to bump that thread to the top and look through it.


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