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Sep 26, 2014
new zealand
that was a mission.. finally got the car going again after the prestolite alternator failed...

picked up a 2nd hand 3 wire delco, spent some time confusing myself on uncle google, mulling over the wiring while in the "reading room" etc .. as it turned out part number 1N4001 diode just smoked itself out of existance .. in my spares collection i found an old landrover hazard switch , now a have an idiot light and an off switch should the alt. backfeed through the igniton and the motor runs on..
then finding actually all the original stude wiring loom fitted and worked just fine when connected to the delco.. stripping the extra bits of wiring i thought i needed .. ended up with one extra wire .. far too simple.. no smoke no flames charges when needed with the handy inbuilt load sensor..

only thing more was having to add 1 and 1/4 " to the bottom mount , 1'' angle 1/8 thick was perfect to the original

wowsers im amazing !


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