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Aug 5, 2013
And so it has arrived.... Probably the first time in 67 years it will rest inside with a proper roof over its head. We originally had bought a 41 and 47 cab with misc. pieces and parts... No titles or paper, but found this instead..... Complete.

Funny, my Son originally had bobber/rat rod planned, but now, I think the truck, and its history are beginning to tilt us toward something more traditional. At least, more Rod than Rat....

Still have some finishing touches to do on the shop, and tooling up, but very soon, the dismantling will begin...


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Looks very complete.
Sometimes it is easier to go the RR route when they are missing lots of parts[ddd
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The only thing missing seems to be the driveshaft....

Lots of rot though, floors are toast, cab corners rusted out. Rear fenders/running boards are pretty well rusted. Door hinges not well... All stuff that can be put right in time.

Flattie/trans/banjo rear, steering, suspension all intact. Hoping motor tear down goes well. We are going to run a flathead one way or another.

Did some checking on paint and trim colors, and there is just enough evidence to suggest that this was the original appearance...


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If its rough enough I say make it a rat, probably spend more time trying to restore it than its worth even though it looks complete...

Looks like a fun project either way however!

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