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Sep 23, 2012
Well guys, it happened. Our twin girls joined our little blue marble we call a world today. Emma was 5lbs 9 oz and Brielle was 6lbs 3 oz. All went well, And mom and babies are doin good!

Wow, that's really testing the stork's capabilities....[ddd
Cong rats on the family additions and glad to hear all is well...[cl
Thanks guys! Its really hard to tell them apart lol. Our 2 year old absolutely loves them!

Holy cow Batman... twins! My dad was a twin & my ex's mom was a twin. Only singles for the ol Tripper! That ought to keep you busy for a few years... haha!

Lucky you... congrats!!!

Thanks guys. Ive always said with boys u only have 1 wiener to worry about, with girls you have every wiener to worry about. :eek:
Congratulations, getting a twophur is always a good thing.[cl Glad all went well. Enjoy the heck out of them, they'll be grown and down the road before you know it. :(

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