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May 11, 2007
Pompano Beach, Fl
I was looking through Pablo's drawing thread and not only enjoyed Pablo's renderings, but also enjoyed looking at the photos of member's cars in one thread. Plus, there has been so much growth on this forum lately that's it's hard to keep track. I haven't seen some of the cars for a while and would like to see more of the newer folks cars. A bigger picture of Racedudes avatar would be nice. So, I'd like all the members to post pics of their cars/trucks here in this thread. That means everyone. I don't want to have to dig through old posts to find pics the Bonehead Truck, The Daytripper, or the 24 Dodge etc. So post away fellas.
A few of mine!

Ok, here are some of my old tin!


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I am collecting parts for this. I picked up a killer mercedes grille for it.:cool: When I get the motor, wheels, and tranny I am diggin' in.

Some day...
I did not draw this picture it was from a guy on the HAMB. It is actually a coupe body I just changed it to a roadster. HEY a guy can dream can't he?

For now I have...
This is my favorite picture of it right now.
Here are mine, 36 ford three window, and 47 ford with marmon herringtom 4x4 conversion


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Some more!!!


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Tripper is starting his own museum there. :D:D

Here are mine. The '27 is shown when I used to drive it, and also how it is now sitting, awaiting me to redo it. That will happen after I finish up the Dodge truck.



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    73.6 KB · Views: 843 is my 40 Studebaker Commander...this is the one I'm gonna have on the road this spring.



The next one of mine is this one...a 1947 Studebaker Pick up



I also have a 1940 Ford Tudor sedan, but I have no pics of that one (because it's buried in my storage unit).

After the Commander and before the pick up, I have a 1952 Henry J "gasser wanna be" that I'm going to at least make a roller for a friend. I promise I'll have lots of pics of the Commander and the Henry J as I work on them...and anything else I drag out to work on...and somewhere along the line I'll finish putting together my '91 Honda Hurricaine (CBR 600)
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Hey Bill, your coupe and your Brother's and Dad's cars were posted in a 36 page picture deal someone posted on the HAMB. Didn't know if you saw this one or not.



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