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May 10, 2007
Montgomery, Al.
There is a lot that not everybody knows about Brakes. Routine Maintainence is the key to not only keep you safe, But it also keeps everyone else on the same stretch of highway safe as well.
If your rotors have a blue or purple discoloration, Replace them. The discoloration is the first sign of heat stress. The next step is heat fractures, After that, The rotor will fail. It won't be a case of "if", but "when is it going to fail"
Need I say that would have catastrophic consequenses and reprocussions.
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I second the checking of brakes. When I first got my 64 the brakes seemed to be working just fine. I was kinda leary and bored one day, so I decided to change out the rubber lines. Man O man I can't believe I was driving around with those things. They were so dry rotted that they literally fell apart in my hands.:eek:

So now that is a rule! First thing I do with a new rat/rod, is check the brakes!!:cool:

Welcome & thanks for stopping by! We're working on getting it going on & would love any input u might have!

I'm all for the brake check!!! Brakes r good!!!

m all for the brake check!!!

HMMMM When I was flattracking that phrase had a whole other meaning.

I always find it interesting that most folks want their car to go fast and never give a thought to the fact it also has to stop and sometime fast.:eek:
Flattrack motorcycles...I love those things..You wouldn't know how to build a chassis for one would you ?

Nope:( wish I did. I always thought it would be cool to design and build race frames. Its interesting that even though they are basically all the same how one frame will handle better than another and how some guys can ride the dog off one bike and the next guy can't keep the same bike on the track.
I am horrible when it comes to routine maintenance, especially on my daily driver. I'm one of those people who replace the front pads AND the rotors because I waited until metal was on metal. :eek:

Funny part is, on my rods I am different, and keep up on stuff and don't mind spending money on them to maintain them.

But you are right Flat, this stuff is very important.

this is one of the next important things for me, i have no trouble inspecting rotors and pads. But i've never worked on drums before and I know it's overdue on my truck :( .
Another thing that is important to do is to flush your fluid & keep it clean. Over time moisture gets into the line & it lowers the boiling temperature of the brake fuild. This is bad. So make sure you flush your bake fluid. I try to do mine annually, but it varies on the type of fluid you use. I use ATE Super Blue & alternate with ATE 200 race fluid the Super blue is blue & the 200 is amber in color so when you do your next flush, it's really easy to tell when the new fluid is coming thru the bleed vavles.

You can find some good write up & charted info by googling 'brake fluid comparison'.

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