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Fascinated by rolling objects!
Jul 8, 2007
Tempe AZ on the corner of Oak and Southern
Remember how this worked before? Whoever hits the magic post number (known only to me this time) wins this priceless tin family heirloom. :rolleyes: It will be timed to come up this weekend. Shipping is free. Post numbers are in the upper right corner of each page. Same rule which is NO CONSECUTIVE POSTS. This is another attempt to stimulate posting on the BS forum so please entertain us all with personal news, pix, jokes, rants, philosophies, reminisces,
ufo reports, bigfoot sightings, conspiracy theories, confessions, ideas, plans, offers, effective pickup lines, hopes, dreams, predictions, warnings, and expresions of gratitude to Tripper for providing this awesome message board. [cl
Contest follows on this thread starting with post #2.

Thanks for the stimulation (that does NOT sound right) and your dedication to the board, e-man! [cl

I'm in first...


... which means nothing... except to encourage friendly competition!



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Did you guys know that the toothbrush was invented by a redneck?

If anyone else had done it, we'd call it a teethbrush.
A family heirloom wrapped in plastic, hmmm?????
I got a good idea what your couch looks like. :D

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