Disguising Fuel Cells?

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Jun 18, 2007
Here is a non-technical question about fuel systems.

I am placing a racing -style fuel cell in the bed of my 54 Chevy pickup. It's just a big shiny box and I would like to disguise it some how.

It would be great if you guys in the same position shared pictures of how you covered / disguised your fuel tanks/cells.

gas`um up tank

Quite a number of yrs. ago a drinking buddy, ( both of us were drunks then) he had an old pickup, not a rat or rod. The fuel thank sprung a leak. He got a tank of some type and mounted in the truck bed. Some where he got an old mannequin and set on top of gas tank. Dressed in a bikini, wig and all. Filler was sticking up between her legs. She was there for a time until the weather destroyed her. We had a drink to her on her last day.
Why bother with a disguise? Mount it under the bed with a fuel door through the floor. Out of the way, nice and tidy. Plus you don't have to have some weird looking nonsensical item taking up bed space. If you just have to mount it in the bed then go with something more aesthetically pleasing, like a spun aluminum tank. Just not a fan of covers or fake items that serve no purpose. Plenty of ways to engineer it correctly and look good doing it...
Here's what I did. Some of us don't want to look a fuel tank and don't have room underneath.


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i was thinking of putting a small steamer trunk in the back with the tank inside
with the leather straps i think it would look classy

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