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Those things are heavy! I towed one an hour north with my 3/4 ton chevy and it really didn't like it...Lol
A REALLY cool truck!
Before it got on the trailer someone asked if it was for sale
And a guy asked to take pictures of it at a gas station
I am going to replace the carburetor with a new one.
And throw a couple tires and a kickbutt heater at it
Does it run? I thought you weren't buying any more cars that don't run, lol.
What's wrong with the carb that you can't just kit it? Unless you actually find a NEW carb, those over the counter rebuilds are about 90% junk.
It tries to run.
The carb is old and dirty
When I get a chance I will figure out what year the engine is
Then I will ask you guys what carb to use for low rpm usage.
That thing is awesome:D

Here's the tires you need!


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home for xmas
soon as it gets light i am going out and see what kind/year 318 i have
and try to get it running
i also have a kats coolant heater i will install
i love a warm engine
Probably has a carter BBD. I'm not a Mopar afficiando but I think those are a small base. Pretty good carb overall but not much else will bolt on except maybe the small base Rochester 2GC. I can't imagine a good cleaning and kit wouldn't put yours right back in top shape. No doubt a full cleaning of the whole fuel system is in order.
This is probably the basic kit.

my new powerwagon is famous
it was on the national geographic channels DOOMSDAY PREPPERS lindsay and ray episode.
just watched it online

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