HOLY SMOKES BATMAN... it'z a scorcher in H-town 2day!!!

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May 10, 2007
Central Tejas
Holy smokes kats & kittens... here's the temp here in H-town today & it ain't even noon... OMG it'z hot!!! [ddd[ddd[ddd



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Yes, but it's a DRY heat ! :rolleyes: I always laugh when I hear someone say that because an oven is a dry heat and it is still HOT ! That is really up there, Bob.

Hottest I ever saw was when we were moving back from California and going through the Arizona desert.......it was 117 degrees. We were in a U Haul truck with no ac, and my wife and one Son were following behind us. Don was riding with me and had a cold drink in a styrofoam cup. I saw him looking down at the floor, searching for something and I asked him what he was doing. He said he must have spilled his drink because his cup was empty. Turned out he hadn't spilled it, it had evaporated from the heat ! :eek:

We are getting some much appreciated cool weather from Hurricane Debby. It is supposed to be in the 80's all week, so we are going to get as much done at the shop as we can while it is cool.

109 here in this lovely oasis we call W. Texas. Supposed to cool off though and maybe only get like 104 tomorrow and the next day. Some of you Florida boys send us some rain, it's getting dry too!.....but I love it!
104 here now at 4:15..we had several 115 degree days last year, so I guess this isn't so bad..

Ok, that just wasn't right..104 still stinks..:D
I'll take some of that "dry heat" right now. [ddd

Our temps are hovering around 90 with a high humidex factor "making it feel like 104". Not Tejas hot by any stretch, but these are ripe conditions for some tornado action and I hear the storm chasers are converging on the area with high expectations. :eek:

I wasn't planning a trip in the near future, but keep yer eyes peeled fellas, the Cranky family might "blow through" your town. :D
The hottest I've ever been "privelidged" to enjoy was 124* in Vegas a few years back. That was brutal.
Right now I'm in Anchorage & it's a balmy 60* at 2:15 in the afternoon :rolleyes:
Give me a couple days to catch up....

At work when its a hot humid day, some clown will always say "Yeah, but there's a nice breeze." I'll come back with "You mean like a convection oven? Yeah, at least now I'm more evenly baked." Roll eyes and start the profanity throwin'!
You guy's need to experience the good ol Ohio Valley humidity!!
Then throw 100 degrees in there!! ha ha At 90 it's miserable,
can't wait for 102!!
Heat I can stand......Humidity....another story...

My wife on the other hand.....doesn't like the heat....wants to move somewhere cooler......:eek: Cooler?? It's plenty cool in Michigan....[S Tried to convince her to move to AZ when I retire......her response "Ah NO"! :(
Dang... they say it got to 106 but my phone said 108! Either way is was SMOKIN'!!! I stayed inside most of the day & my pup didn't wanna go out much either!



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I'll trade you all for the hell we're experiencing in Colorado right now. Five days of temps above 100, last two days setting hottest temp ever records in Denver at 105, and fires all along the front range. Somebody do a rain dance for us please!

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