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New member
Jul 5, 2015
Cheyenne, Wy
Quick hello to all.

Found the site while looking for info on putting a floor in a T-Bucket. One of several ongoing projects in the barn. I'll put some photos up when I figure out the process.

Looking forward to gleaming some knowledge from the brain trust here and perhaps putting in my 2 cents where appropriate.
Welcome to the site :)
When you click on Post Reply scroll down till you see Manage Attachments and click on that button [P [P [P
Welcome to Triple RRR

T [S T's are good [cl Picture are not to tuff. the little paper clip above or the mt. postcard looking thing for something like photobucket. [cl
Call Cheyenne home but actually a few miles East in the country.

Technically I figured out how to post pics but most are either to big or located on my other PC. I'll post up as soon as I get myself organized. Recently had to replace a failing laptop and don't have access to all my photos yet. Need to transfer some files around to make it happen.

Teasers: 56 Belair 2Dr, 56 Goldenhawk, 24 Mdl TT, 23 T-Bucket, 27 all steel original Roadster pickup.

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