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Hate to see that! Isky is a legend! Unfortunately out there it looks like the system is helping the crime flourish! Too many people don't want to believe in God. Too many don't believe in guns for self defense. When stuff like that occurs up close and personal, then it's calling 911 hoping and praying to God that someone with a gun shows up soon! Out here, when seconds count, the police are only 45 minutes away...
Isky is one tough sack of bones! Survived WWII, built a huge worldwide business in California before it became a sewer, still around at 102. He’s forgotten more about camshafts than most of us ever knew. And to be still working at an age not many will see, truly amazing! Must be the chilli peppers!
Whatever it is, him and Gene Winfield got a double dose. Hope they both make it to their 110’s in as good of health as they are now.
The times they are a changing.

I think we should be celebrating that at least Isky's phone theft didn't cost him his life. Many places in this country that could easily had been the case.
When discussions of religion and firearms are brought up here, there are clearly differing opinions and (in my opinion) it doesn't lead anywhere good. While I respect the differing opinions, let's please keep this thread on topic and leave the firearms and religion discussion for elsewhere.

That' s not the point, he has a right and (in my opinion ) an obligation to state his beliefs. :):cool:
About 10 years ago Ed was a guest at the Meltdown Drags in Rockford, Ill. I was there with my dragster. Ed was signing autographs. I waited to get one. Didn't want a piece of paper with his signature so I took off my "Hop Up" magazine Tee shirt and exposed my pasty white, muscle free body to the the stunned onlookers. Ed took a long time to carefully autograph it. All the while his nose was dripping on my shirt. Someone in LA got a phone for free.
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